Coriander’s Training Log – 12.2.12

This week was kind of weird. I enjoyed my runs so much more since I had great company and didn’t feel like a slave to my Garmin since the new one hasn’t arrived yet. I may do watchless runs more often. I also realized that it’s a new month and I am oh-so-close to my mileage goal for the year (2,012 miles) and all I need to do is stay consistent with running and be more consistent with getting my IT band and knee back to 100 percent.

Monday: rest. 30 minutes of yoga to stretch out and relax a little.

Tuesday: 8 miles. I ran after work on the trails with my friend, Kirsten. It’s been a while since my last nighttime trail run and I had a good time catching up with her and getting a good workout in.

Wednesday: 5 miles. My friend Amy returned to Second Sole after taking some time off and it was great to catch up with her and have someone to run with on Wednesday night again!

Thursday: 6 miles. Other than my bad Sunday run watchless, this was my second run alone without it. Everything kind of just clicked when I stepped out the door and I ran farther than my planned 4 miles and had a good run.

Friday: rest. Picked sleeping over running before work.

Saturday: 17.5 miles on the trails. Met up with Wild Bill and Tara to run trails I had only been to once. The trails are the only place I have knee problems. It wasn’t as bad as during my last race, but still enough that Bill suggested I take some time off. Which are words I never thought I’d hear come out of his mouth.

Sunday: rest. Set my alarm to run before work, heard the rain and took Bill’s suggestion.

Total: 36.5 miles

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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