Coriander’s Training Log: 1.27.13

I got a much-needed week off of work this week! I was looking forward to running lots of miles, getting a lot done and having a relaxing week. Of course, we were blessed in Northeast Ohio with beautiful freezing temperatures and lots of snow. I only really ventured outside to run and go to the store.

Monday: Rest. I went to a 75 minute hot yoga class. I just felt off the entire class.

Tuesday: 5 miles. Tuesday was probably the coldest day of the entire week. When I got up, the wind chill was well below 0 and I tried to run on the treadmill, but I mentally couldn’t get myself to go any farther than a half mile. So I bundled up and headed outside.

Wednesday: a.m. run: 6 miles/p.m. run: 4 miles. Ran early Wednesday and more snow made it considerably harder than the cold the day before. At night, I ran with Second Sole for what I’ll consider my speed work for the week.

Thursday: 5 miles. More cold, more wind.

Friday: Rest/60 minutes of yoga.

Saturday: 11 miles of trails. Felt like 20 miles with all of the snow.

Sunday: 10 miles of trails. Also felt like 20 miles.

Total: 41 miles.

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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  1. Good job on getting the miles in despite the weather! “More cold, more wind” – that was basically the weather here, too. I was really worried that I’d gotten windburn after one of my runs!