Coriander’s Taper and Recovery Log: 3.9.14 & 3.16.14

It’s been a really long two weeks! Two weeks ago was my easy week leading up to my first ultra of the year and I haven’t ran that much lately because of much needed rest and recovery.

Week ending March 9:

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: 15 min warmup, 5×2:00 at 5K(ish) pace with 1:00 rest, 15 min cool down. This was a good workout leading up to the race. It felt good to run quickly, but have the workout done relatively fast.

Wednesday: 4 mi easy with my running club. I cut it short and ran the last mile or so on my own whereas everyone else did 6 miles.

Thursday: 2.5 mi easy. I kept it short because of the race and only ran for about 22 minutes.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Green Jewel 50K (31 mi) in 4:45. Great way to start my ultra season with a new PR!!

Sunday: Much needed rest!

Last week:

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: 30 min easy. It was so nice outside!!! I waited until it was a little warmer in the early afternoon to go out and had a great, easy run. I still had a little bit of quad soreness, so I kept it short.

Wednesday: Off. We got hit with another snowstorm! And I had to work, so I just took the optional rest day.

Thursday: Off. It was so freaking cold at 5:30 am I couldn’t force myself out of bed! I feel totally lazy for taking unnecessary days off, but I’m so done with the winter weather. I did at least do some yoga and strength workouts on these off days though.

Friday: 40 min easy. Got in a little over 4 miles and I was able to not have to run in tights! Yay! The weather wasn’t as nice as Tuesday, but still above 40 degrees and I was happy to be outside!

Saturday: 60 min should have been easier. I don’t know if I was cold (I had slightly underdressed) or just felt really rested, but I ran 7 miles exactly in 60 min, so a little more than 8:30 pace. It felt great to run faster and I felt relaxed and enjoyed it.

Sunday: 30 min easy. I did about 3.5 miles, not really sure, I did a route backwards and turned down the wrong street.

I feel lame for having such a boring two weeks, though the race was a huge success (expect a race report very soon!). The exciting thing about yesterday was that my coach sent me my next month of training and instead of being 50K specific for my next one in April, it was the first month of 100 mile specific training! Yay! Ever since the last one, I’ve wanted to do it again so badly. I have two coming up this summer and a possible third one in the fall. I can’t wait to hit the trails and log some big miles again.

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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