Coriander’s “I’m Still Alive!” Training Log: 11.3.13

OMG! How did I make it so long without posting anything, especially a training log! It’s funny how you always think of things you need to do while you’re running and then completely forget when you can actually do them! In the past month or so, I’ve been busy adding on the miles and getting ready for my next adventure, the JFK 50 Mile in Maryland in about two weeks! I signed up for this race in April after meeting the qualifying standard and registration opened. It’s on my long list of races to run before I have kids and this year seemed like a great opportunity to get a fast 50 mile in.

And now that race day is looming, I’m starting to cut back on mileage and rest up! And also try not to freak out about my somewhat lofty goal time for the race.

Instead of boring you with all of the weeks I’ve missed, I’ll just stick to the last two, which were the most crucial weeks of my training cycle.

Week ending 10.27:

Monday: Rest day!

Tuesday: 4:00 repeat intervals on the road. This should have been 800s on the track, but I had to work and I was too scared to hit the high school track while school was going on. I did a 30 min warmup at 9:41 pace, then 6×4:00 at 8:23, 8:14, 8:14, 8:12, 7:57 and 8:07 with 2 min jog in between, then a 30 min cool down at 9:19. This one was tough, but fun. I opted for a longer warmup because it was cold out and knew I’d need more time to get warm. I think I may have stayed on the conservative side with pacing and probably could have averaged closer to 8:00.

Wednesday: 52 min/6 mi of roads with the Second Sole Wednesday night group. My friend and I ran with the guys who usually run at the front, so it was a quicker pace, but never felt hard at all. The only issue was that it was really dark!

Thursday: Planned rest day. Thank God because it snowed a lot and we had no power!

Friday: 18 mi/2:48 on the Towpath. First 12 at 9:39 average pace and last 6 at 8:37. It’s been a really long time since I last ran an entire long run on the Towpath (probably 2 years) so I was nervous I’d get bored. Somehow I didn’t and felt really good about JFK after this one.

Saturday: 18 mi/3:02 on roads mostly with my friend, Erin. I ran to her house then we did a big loop around some of the main streets and parks then back home. After the first few miles, I felt good and loose and didn’t feel much soreness/tiredness from the previous day. The biggest issues were dodging downed trees and branches and avoiding ice from the snowstorm Thursday.

Sunday: 6 mi/60 min. I put what was supposed to be Thursday’s run on Sunday for recovery and because after looking at Garmin connect Saturday, I realized I only had 6 more miles to get to my mileage goal for the year. Yay! I was a little tired from the back-to-backs and work Saturday, but took it slow. And the 6 miles brought me to 2,013 miles for 2013!

Week ending 11.3:

Monday: Much needed rest day!

Tuesday: 42 min/4.3 mi. I had to get up super early and run in the cold/dark before going to Pittsburgh for work. It kinda sucked getting up so early to run, but I’m glad I did before sitting in the car for a few hours. It’s getting harder and harder to get up and run in the dark now that’s it so much colder in the morning!

Wednesday: 5 mi/43ish min. My running club had our annual Halloween prediction run and costume contest. The group run was fun, my Britney Spears costume was way too hot and I totally overestimated how quickly I can run 5 miles.

Thursday: Steady state speed work day. I started with a 25 min warmup at 9:41, then 5 mi at 8:32 and cooled down with 25 min at 9:27. I felt really good about the steady state interval, it didn’t feel difficult at all and I unintentionally picked up the pace within the pace range after the first two miles were around 8:40.

Friday: Off!

Saturday: 5 miles easy before a crazy day at work!

Sunday: 22 mi/3:39. I ran roads from my house by myself and the run went well, I would have liked to have gotten it done a little faster though. When I hit mile 19, I really felt like I could pick up the pace (and I was behind on time and still had to go to work) and ran the last 3 miles in 9:28, 8:51 and 8:35.

I’m feeling really good about the 50 miler! I kind of can’t wait to leave for Maryland!

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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