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COTW-badgeIt’s been a busy week here at Salty Running.  The sugar from all of the leftover Halloween candy lying around fueled some pretty epic runs, great posts and thoughtful comments!  We read every comment and try to respond to every one – we value every one because they represent you!

But there can only be one winner every week, and this week one comment was exactly what we needed to hear.

Who was it?


Emma’s comment on Molasses’ Where the Heck Have I Been Training Log!

I feel like you spend quite a bit of time in your races and posts critiquing other women’s appearances and fitness. I love the rest of what you post about, but I don’t read this blog to hear about ‘Slim’ and the girl who looked out of shape. Those aren’t the important things about running or competition and I find them kinda off putting. I hope you can work through those feelings and become excited about other women’s levels of fitness and your own and let go of the need to criticize and compare body types.

As she replied, Molasses was very appreciative of Emma’s insight. This comment was spot on and well put. Female runners can spend too much time focusing on appearance (both our own and others). This leads to a lot of negativity, often, as in this case, inadvertent, but just as damaging as if it were intentional. Definitely not what any of us here at Salty Running want to promote!

We contacted Emma to find out a little more about her, and here’s what she had to say:

Emma on the trails!
Emma on the trails!

I’m 23 years old and recently moved to Bozeman Montana last January where my love of running has really been born. Before moving west most of my athletic life had been devoted to XC skiing. I was lost for a few years after I quit my team– searching for something that made me feel as good I had before burning out on the competitive and highly expensive skiing world.

My first marathon in Burlington, VT made me rediscover running. Since I moved to Montana I have taken up trail running, and shortly after that I found Salty Running. Between those two things I have found new ways to be inspired by running than I ever thought possible. I’m lucky to be such an amazing state with so many gorgeous mountains, views, and wildlife (though I did have a mountain lion follow me on a long out and back one day! I didn’t notice until I had turned around and saw the fresh tracks following after me in the mud before eventually veering off the trail again.) Its been a year of transformation and I’m looking forward to next race season already and my first ultra marathon. Thank you Salty for being with me on my journey; I’m looking forward to everything ahead!

Best of luck in your running, Emma and thank you for reading!

Keep the comments coming!

Ultrarunner, yoga teacher, academic, and feminist. I write about ultrarunning, feminism, and the intersection of running and life.

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