Comment of the week – 2.1.2014

Next week, it might be an Olympic medal...
Next week, it might be an Olympic medal…

The Sochi Olympics start in less than a week, and even though Track & Field doesn’t usually figure much into the Winter Olympics, we’re still pretty excited about them around here.  In fact, it would seem that Lolo has got us all dreaming about who could be the next running star to make the switch!

But that is next week.  Today we’re talking about the big “medal” around here for comment of the week!  Who wins the prize?  Follow the break to find out!This week, we appreciated Michigan Runner Girl’s comment on Basil’s (First Ever) Marathon report.

Jo, I just loved reading this. You’re so very inspiring!

We're just as excited about running!
We’re just as excited about running!

I also BQ’d at my first marathon, which was beyond exhilarating, but a couple of years later, because of the change in qualifying times, I missed BQ’ing even though I had PR’d. I’m determined to qualify this spring (I really want to redeem my ridiculously hot 2012 Boston race), and reading your race recap — and knowing how hard and smart you trained, in all kinds of weather! 🙂 — I am feeling even more motivated. Congratulations on your amazing race! You are a rock star.

She’s a busy girl, but when we reached out to her to notify her that’d she’d won, she referred us to her awesome Facebook page!  Here’s a brief excerpt from her “About” page.  Make sure to head over to find out more!

 I found distance running later in life, and its gifts are seemingly endless. I’m equally as grateful for a gorgeous landscape of Great Lakes shoreline, inland lakes and rivers, forests and trails, and rolling hills which serves as a backdrop to all the outdoor playing I love so much. I call northern Michigan home–an area that continues to amaze me with its beauty–but I love exploring all parts of Michigan. I can’t wait to run, bike, kayak, stand-up paddle every last bit of it in years to come. 

Last week was awesome and we are looking forward to many more to come!  Keep your amazing comments coming!

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