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Who gets this virtual Christmas gift?
Who gets this virtual Christmas gift?

The final shopping day before Christmas, and the spice rack is almost empty – we’re running ragged trying to get everything done before Wednesday.  But we always have time to honor our favorite commenter of the week!

See who takes home the prize gift this week!This week, the honor goes to Kristi, whose comments on Pepper’s A Christmas Story 5k/10k post kept us smiling!  She said:

Kristi's boys picking out toys to donate!
Kristi’s boys picking out toys to donate!

If you are willing to give up that medal I would definitely make a donation and run a “Christmas Story 10k Virtual Run”! How about I do a resolution run on either Dec 31 or Jan 1st?  I have been complaining all week about lack of motivation, visions of that medal just might get me going again (currently struggling to run 4k!) .

Here in Ottawa the charity Toy Mountain is struggling to get enough new toys and gifts for needy kids.  My kids and I have gone shopping once to pick out and donate some fun toys, I would be so willing to head out again and donate more, and I know my boys would love to do it again.

 And of course, after my run you know what I will sit down and watch (I have it on DVD and VHS!)  And honestly, I’m not normally this obsessed with medals…or movies for that matter 🙂

We loved Kristi’s enthusiasm about the movie and the run – and can’t wait to hear how her run and donations to Toy Mountain go.  A great way to celebrate the season, beat a running slump, and run for a reason!  When we contacted Kristi to let her know she’d won, here’s what she had to say:

I am a wife, mother, teacher, blogger and of course runner, in Ottawa, Canada.  I have been running for just over two and a half years, building my way up to my first marathon two months ago in Toronto.  I have been writing about my experiences on my blog called “Blog For an Average Runner” which you can check out at

My next exciting race will be – you guessed it – my virtual 10k run for that amazing “A Christmas Story” medal that Pepper has so generously offered to send my way.  Since my boys are runners too, they and my husband are going to join me for part of the run so the medal will truly be a family “major award”.  

The first part of Pepper’s challenge was completed today.  I took my boys, Evan who is 10 and Luke who is 8, shopping for toys to donate to the charity “Toy Mountain”.  This charity provides new toys to needy children in the local area.  As for the run, the plan is to complete it sometime around January 1st, a great way for all four of us to start the new running year.  So you should hear from me again in a couple of weeks with a full report!

This was such an amazing idea, and we’re excited to hear that it has already started!

From all of us at Salty Running, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and get to spend time with those you love.

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