Comment of the Week – 11.23.2013

Who wins the badge this week?
Who wins the badge this week?

Cheers for the freaking weekend – right? Something about the week before a holiday just seems extra long.

It was a busy week in the Salty-verse. Let’s start with the big news: Licorice gave birth to a little licorice jelly bean – a 7 lb. 14 oz. baby girl. Congrats, mama! Saffron did the Spice Rack proud by earning second-place female masters slot at the .US National Road Racing Championships 12K and Basil was featured as the “Follow This Mother” on Another Mother Runner. Coriander’s taking on the JFK 50 Miler this weekend, while Cilantro’s seeing the sights in the City of Lights. Whew!

Enough about us – let’s talk about you! We’ve already got Thanksgiving on the brain (mmm, cranberries and pie!), which means thinking about things that make us thankful. Number One on that list is all of the awesome comments from our readers each week!

But which one won Comment of the Week?

Gail was this week’s winner! She left this great comment on Mint’s Training Season DNF post:

I ran a half marathon this past weekend where I had the exact same experience that you’re talking about. I had planned this fall to run a half marathon in September, right in the middle of marathon training for a marathon in November. Half marathon in September went beautifully, I PRed, and was so excited to continue training. Two days after the half, my foot ballooned up and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I went to a professional, we determined nothing was broken, and that I just had to wait it out. I lost 3 weeks of crucial training time, and decided to forego the full marathon for the half. I just ran the second half this past weekend, and went into it with no expectations other than to finish with a smile on my face. And while my time was 14 minutes slower for the November half than it was 2 months ago, I had the best time. I ran with my sister-in-law and a good friend, and we chatted most of the way and smiled for all the cameras. When people ask how my race went, I can now tell them that while it was a slow race, it was a smart race- I know that I ran it well for how my body is feeling right now. Thank you for this post, and I hope that you continue to feel better and better!
Props to Gail for rolling with the speed bump in her training season, adjusting her expectations and still finishing with a smile on her face! We love that she focused on running smart and listening to what her body was telling her.
Gail’s got a pretty impressive running story. In fact, we’ll just let her tell it in her own words!
I started running in high school, truly because all my friends were doing it. I was blessed with two incredible coaches – one who pleasantly referred to me as the “caboose” and the other who wouldn’t take excuses from anyone. As a result, I grew into a dedicated runner with one marathon and many half-marathons under my belt so far. This coming spring I’m hoping to run my second marathon and qualify for Boston.
I’m very lucky that despite being the caboose in high school, I can still qualify for Boston as a disabled runner. I am visually impaired, and greatly appreciate how wonderful the running community is for those of us who might not notice tree roots or stop signs (and may or may not have run straight into one, early in the morning…). The community of runners is really what pushes me to strive for the best version of my running self – so many teammates and friends have run with me in the dark, early in the morning, and kept me safe. 
I am incredibly pumped to officially begin marathon training in early December, and am thrilled to have so many excellent blog posts to read here to keep me motivated in the cold, dark months to come!
Gail, we’re pumped for you, too! We have always thought the running community was awesome, but hearing your experience just reinforces that. Thanks for being a part of the Salty Running community. Be sure to keep us posted  on your training, and remember to keep smiling!



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