Comment of the Week – 1.18.2014

Who wins the prize this week?
Who wins the prize this week?

Although I just had a break (read: four weeks off for the holidays), this three-day weekend is desperately needed in these parts.  And by needed, I mean I’m excited to get three days of fantastic runs in!  Since it is Saturday, it is time for my favorite part of every Salty week, the comment of the week award!

To see who wins the prize, follow the break.Our winner this week is Robyn, who comments on Running from Guilt to Gratitude hit the mark.  She said:

Great piece. Thanks for sharing this story.

I joke that being a mother is one constant guilt trip, from the moment you learn you’re pregnant (“Oh crap! I drank wine last night!”) pretty much nonstop forever thereafter.

I am also fortunate to have a very supportive spouse. But my goals are ambitious this year — I want to do a 50 mile trail race — and I need to find a time and a way to train for one that he (and my kids) can buy into. I know I’ll need their support, 100%, to train right and do this the way I want to. And they miss me when I’m out on a long run every Saturday morning!

We’ve concluded that spring isn’t a great time for this. It was a tough decision, because I finished the fall season really stoked for a big race, but it was the right decision. I’m doing a spring 50K, and that’s enough. More than enough — I can’t wait to massively PR it! Now I need to get buy-in for a summer or fall “big” race….

When we contacted Robyn to let her know she had won, here’s what she had to say:

This woman does it all!
This woman does it all!

Growing up in Minnesota and New Hampshire, I’ve always felt at home in the woods.  But until a few years ago, it never occurred to me that you could run on those trails I’d hiked and backpacked (and occasionally, mountain biked)!  My first trail run, a 7-mile race two years ago, was humbling, and shockingly difficult… and awesome.  A fling with trails became a more serious commitment when I trained for and completed my first trail 50K this spring… despite a broken elbow five weeks before race day.  (The orthopedics clinic folks are pretty sure I’m nuts, but for me, running with a full-arm cast was way better than not running!). Two more 50Ks followed in the fall. 

I run, bike, lift weights, cook, practice medicine, and ride herd on my boys, 5 and 7 years old, in Minneapolis.  I blog at  I’m a brand ambassador for INKnBURN (  My goal events for spring 2014 include rematches at the Zumbro 17 (the scene of last year’s elbow mayhem) and the Spring Superior 50K.  But my most important running goals are to have another great training cycle (this time without broken bones — you know, for variety), get stronger, and continue to meet new friends and discover the beauty of the trails and our trail running community.

What an amazing woman – she does it all!  Good luck on your races this year!
Finally, a reminder to you as much as to me: be sure to use ‪#‎megsmiles‬ tomorrow when posting or logging about your run.

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