Comment of the Week – February 9, 2013

COTW BadgeWell, hello! You New England readers surviving ok? Hope so! Around these parts we had another great week.

On Monday, Clove shared her tips for conquering an intimidating training plan.  And that woman should know. She came in third at the Rocky Raccoon 100 last weekend. Woo!

On Tuesday, Ginkgo asked us if BMI is in fact just a bunch of BS and Vanilla explained those wacky sounding Yasso 800s to us.

On Wednesday, Ginger put on her hard-hitting interviewer cap and gave us the great first half of her interview with Rojo of LetsRun.

On Thursday we were really busy. The day started with Mint who helped us understand the signs of a heart attack (they’re different for us ladies, you know). Later, Licorice provided us with some tips for running in the dark and then I confessed I’ve been struggling with anxiety since I came home from the hospital last week.

Yesterday, Sassafras got us in a romantic mood with her 5 Valentine’s gift ideas for runners.

And today, I will tell you who we chose as our commenter of the week after the break!

Ok, I’m back. This week’s big winner is Meaghan! Meaghan left us lots of great comments, but the one we loved the most was this one on Ginger’s LetsRun Interview:

I think their rationalization that more coverage given to men is reasonable because more men are fans of the sport is outrageous. I don’t understand the assumption that someone would only be interested in the participants of the sport who are of the same gender. As a fan of running, I am a fan, sure, of Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, Desi Davila, Paula Radcliffe, Tirunesh Dibaba, Catherine Ndereba, Grete Waitz, and too many others to count. I am also a fan of Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezghi, Abdi Abdirahman, Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Yuki Kawauchi, (and, again, too many others to name). To me, running is exciting to watch, no matter the gender of the participants.

As to their contention that men’s running is more exciting because it is at a higher level (ie, faster)… Well, that, I hardly have words for. Do we enjoy bicycle racing more than foot racing because it is faster? Do we enjoy car racing more than that? Men and women have different physiological strengths and weaknesses, which results, generally, in top men being slightly faster than the top women. However, a woman running a 2:20 marathon (or in that ballpark) is every bit as impressive, to me, as a man running a 2:05. Watch the last bit of any major race that has resulted in a close finish and there is no doubt that the women were absolutely at the peak of fitness, racing to the absolute best of their ability and to the very limits of what they were physically capable of.

We love this comment because Meaghan took a stand and made a bunch of great counterpoints to Rojo’s arguments in the interview. She definitely got the conversation flowing and that’s what a good comment is all about in our book!

Meaghan rocking out her last big PR!
Meaghan rocking out her last big PR!

When I told Meaghan she was our winner this is what she had to say:

Thank you so much!  

I am an animator and motion graphics artist living and working in New York City.  I have been running for about 7 years, the last two with Prospect Park Track Club.  I ran my first marathon in 2010, and had planned to run my second in November of 2012, though it was cancelled by Hurricane Sandy.  Now I am training to run the Rock n’ Roll USA marathon in March.  My most ambitious goal of 2013 is to break 4 hours in the marathon, but I am also trying to go under 1:50 in the half-marathon (current: 1:52) and under 50 in the 10K (current: 52:19).

Running has given me a lot of confidence in all areas of my life.  My passion was always art, and it is sometimes very difficult to see if you’re making progress in that area, and it’s easy to doubt your accomplishments.  Running has taught me a lot about enjoying a process rather than a result, and about the fact that progress is often happening below the surface, even if you’re not seeing it as it happens.  It also gives me a part of my life that I can make objective progress in, when I feel ‘stuck’ in other areas.  

Wow! What an awesome lady! Thanks again Meaghan and we wish you lots of luck nailing all those goals in 2013!

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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