Comment of the Week – February 23, 2013

Who wins the badge this week?
Who wins the badge this week?

Phew! Wow! That was a week, people! Besides an appearance from Pepper in our training logs (Welcome back, woman!), here’s what we were up to.

We kicked it off on Sunday with my 11 week post-partum update. Yep, still (relatively) fat and slow.

On Monday, we moved on to Vanilla’s exploration of the finer and not-so finer coily things on her Yaxtrax and later that day Clove popped in to get us up to speed on her fertility treatments and Rocky Raccoon recovery.

On Tuesday, Ginger contemplated what’s in store for teen running sensation Mary Cain and on a completely unrelated note, Cilantro helped us get a handle on our poopy problems.

On Wednesday, I rolled out my interview with the incredible and inspiring cartoonist and running shirt artiste, Cait Chock.

On Thursday, we uttered the word period and laid out that sucker for you. Clove put on her scientist hat and explained what really goes on in our bodies during our menstrual cycles and she did so way better than 7th grade health class, if you ask me.

Finally, on Friday, I told you why new male collegiate mile record holder Chris O’Hare was so right to quit being a girl. Yes, that was sarcasm.

And with that, here we are on the brink of discovering who won COTW this week.

This week’s winner is Angela. On Monday, Angela left this beauty on one of Coriander’s posts from last month about finding self-acceptance and some of our bloggers just loved it:

You really touched me, Coriander. I had a horrible run yesterday. The worst part was when I finally gave up and started to walk home. Mr. and Mrs. Perfectly Thin Runners raced by me and I was filled with self-loathing. I’ve been running and working on losing my extra weight for two years now and progress is slow. You’re right – it takes work. AND time.

This week’s choice was a little different. We all love that Coriander inspired Angela to be less hard on herself and patient with the process of getting in shape. We all, no matter what size or speed need reminders like this from time to time.  I would like to say that when faced with someone who seems “perfectly in shape,” in looks or speed that we all take a minute and remember that everyone, even the fastest and fittest among us, is a person with struggles and ups and downs in life. Mr. and Mrs. Perfectly Thin might have just lost 120 lbs. a piece like are perfect looking Cilantro. They could be struggling mightily with their own body image issues or feel bad about themselves for what they perceive is a lack of speed or whatever. Some of the bloggers of this here website might be viewed by someone as “perfectly x,” and as awesome as we all are, none of us is perfect – we all have our struggles.

But, Angela, we salute you for recognizing that it takes patience, hard work and consistency to improve as runners and for taking the time to let us know that Coriander inspired you. So, thanks!

Angela and one of her kiddos after one of those awesome Sunday family runs.

When I told Angela of her illustrious achievement she had this to say about herself:

Well, that’s just so nice. 

I’m a 47-year-old mom and an elementary teacher. I’ve been an off and on runner for a long time, but started running with purpose in 2011. That summer, my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by doing the Oregon Wine Country half-marathon. I thought that it would be more memorable than going out to dinner, and I trained to walk the route. I ended up surprising myself and running most of it, and we had a blast!
I started signing up for races and working hard to get faster. I’m still slow, but through a lot hard work, I’m at the point where I hardly ever get passed by walkers when I race (which was a frequent occurence my first year of running).
I run because middle-age was making me grumpy, tired and chubby.  I don’t feel that I can be a good wife, mom or teacher if I give into that. I have ulcerative colitis and battle winter depression, so I really appreciate the gifts of physical and mental health. Running has helped me lose weight, and have energy to enjoy my time with my kids and students. Plus, I just feel happy when I run. I want my daughter to see that. Both of my kids run with me on Sundays and often run 5Ks with me.
I blog, when I feel like it and only sometimes, at
Well Angela, we’re so happy you re-caught the running bug and we wish you many many years of running with your family. Awesome!

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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