Comment of the Week – 9.14.12

This is what the Salties do when we read your awesome comments!

Fridays seem to come faster and faster around these parts. I guess that’s how it goes when you still don’t have anything done to await your new baby’s arrival. Seriously. Nothing is done! I have 10 more COTW posts before the baby is due. YIKES! Gotta get crackin’ on that to-do list stat!

But that’s in real Saltyland. In internet Saltyland, everything is great! We had a great week after our little hiatus. We did say our first goodbye to a blogger and that was tough, but we know Paprika will be off spreading her love of running through her Masters thesis and we whole-heartedly approve of that choice! And when one good blogger leaves, another one takes her place. We’ll be debuting our newest blogger next week. Stay tuned!

But yeah, Comment of the Week. That’s why we’re here. [Sorry I get rambley on Fridays!] Who is it this week?  Click and see!

It’s Diane H.! What’s cool about Diane H. is that she submitted her comment via our Facebook page.  Our Facebook page is where we let our readers know a little something about each new post, share news about the site and the bloggers and share information or funny little memes like this gem from yesterday:

Time for Mommy’s run. Dinner’s on the stove. Bye!

So that’s our Facebook page. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Right. Comment of the Week! Yes, so Diane H. shared this little gem on our Facebook announcement of Nutmeg’s post this week. If you recall, Nutmeg was wondering how she could make her 20 minute continuous runs not drag. Diane responded thusly:

Ok, I’ll admit I am just too exhausted today (sick daughter) to read the blog, but how many miles is she at, at 20 minutes. My experience (and from what experienced marathoners have told me) is the first two miles just plain suck. She is probably knocking at the door of it starting to feel good. Once she gets to that “Oh I forgot I was running” point a few times, it will be so so much easier to get through that tough first 2ish miles. My brother (an athletic trainer) said there is a physiology behind this suckiness that has to do with glycolic burns, so just know EVERYONE struggles with this part and it WILL get easier!!!! Promise! Mile 3 always feels better than mile 1!

What we love about Diane’s comment is that she took something that all of us veteran runners pretty much know – it takes a while to get into most runs – but which we totally take for granted. And she hooked Nutmeg up with some valuable information! And what’s even cooler is that she didn’t even read  Salty Running that day and we still love her 🙂

So Diane H., if you’re reading this, thanks so much for imparting your wisdom! Oh and check your Facebook messages. It’s not too late to share a little something about yourself so we can sing your praises!

Thanks all for another great Salty week!

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. I finally got your message (dumb “other” box on facebook messages!) Thanks for liking my comment! Hope it helped a bit in Nutmeg’s case!! 🙂