Comment of the Week – 7.20.12

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I thought we had a lot of comments last week. Wooweee! It took me a looooong time to sort through the dozens of comments we had this week to find just the right one to bestow the greatest honor any Salty Running commenter could possibly receive.

With all these great comments it was tough finding just the right one to crown Comment of the Week. But we managed and surprisingly it was another unanimous vote. Are you ready to find out who it is and how great her comment was?

*literal pregnant pause*

krista! Her comment on Paprika’s post, To Gel or Not to Gel, That is the Question was Salty perfection!

I prefer to make my own gels because I can’t stand the taste of most packet gels and I hate having to open them in the middle of a run. I’m not very coordinated to begin with so I like things that are easy. Ha!

The nice thing about making my own is that I can keep about 5oz. of gel in a single gel flask which is easy to carry and lasts for roughly 15 miles for me. I also like to know all the ingredients that I’m consuming and question some of the ingredients on those commercial gels. For my own recipe I prefer to use my nuun tablets as flavoring and add chia seeds to it for my longer runs for the protein and water absorption. My basic ingredients are: raw sugar, water, 1 nuun tablet, pinch of salt, juice of half a lemon/lime.

I do like to supplement with real food though along the way, but if I’m feeling like I need a little extra energy my homemade stuff works like a champ.

We love this homemade energy gel recipe! Thanks so much for sharing, krista!!!

When krista’s not commenting on Salty Running posts she’s an ultrarunner in California, a mom to two “young crazy” boys and owns her own webdesign firm KMCreative. If you see her out on the trails she’ll likely be sporting some henna body art and of course enjoying a shot of homemade energy gel. You can read more about krista on her blog, Running Naked on Sharp Pointy Stuff.

Thank you krista and all our commenters last week!!!


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