Comment of the Week! 6.1.12

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We Salties have been talking about how to celebrate our awesome readers and decided what better way to do it than to celebrate a great comment each week! Starting this week readers and each Salty nominates a comment on one of their posts and I will choose our weekly winner. Our first winner is — *drumroll*

Mark Matthews! See, men read Salty Running. And we love it!  Mark commented on Jinger’s post that wondered at what point talking about running on social media sites was too much. Mark wrote:


Getting ‘high’ off social media, but then using it to bludgeon myself with the mileage and accomplishments of faster runners, feeling insecure and not wanting to post my times since they don’t match up to a blogger’s I’m following, or feeling pressure to run a certain time in an upcoming event because, damn it, I’m gonna have to tweet or post my time, and fearing ‘they’re all gonna laugh at you.” It’s a crazy maelstrom of time-sucking evil sludge, sometimes, or a great way to branch out and connect to others … 

Yes, if we only knew how little others really pay attention to our racing times. I try to remind myself I don’t want my ego to show up and watch me run, I want my ID, my primal self to come out and ROAR loud.


Yes, it’s actually true. Fewer people judge our race performances than we think and those that do can shove it!  Forget the haters and run with your primal self. ROAR LOUD in your next race, y’all! Thanks, Mark for sharing your insight and reminding us of this very important point! If you want to check out more of Mark’s writing you’re in luck. He’s a published novelist (the protagonist is a female marathoner!) and blogger. When he’s not writing he’s training for the inaugural Ann Arbor Marathon coming up on June 17. Good luck Mark!

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