Comment of the Week 1.25.13

Who wins the badge this week?

Yo, this week was Boss Hog Gangsta!  (If you’re not sure, that means I liked it.)  We had great posts and a number of excellent comments vying for COTW. Read on to find out who wins the badge!

Last weekend, Salty gave us her weekly Postpartum Running Update, giving us an overview of Week 7 in the nursery with Salty Junior the Third.

Ginger kicked off the week proper with a flash with her post, Gone Streaking?, including an explanation of streaking and some…er…pointers on the best way to streak safely.  You’d think sunblock would be mentioned…

Mint found a Groupon last week for The Run Free Fake Marathon, a controversial-if-well-intentioned event that involves participants paying “Race Directors” for fake bibs, receiving fake medals and fake predetermined finish times and staging photos of themselves at various stages in the fake race.  What do you think about this event?

This week’s been awful chilly in most of the US, but Cilantro doesn’t mind.  She’s still hopping in the ice bath several times a week!  Find out why in Brrr… To Ice Bath or not to Ice Bath?

Is your body begging you for a break?  Are you sure?  Licorice explains Why You Need to Track Your Resting Heart Rate, and after reading her post, I, for one, am sold on this as a great and simple new training tool!

Clove is gearing up for this year’s Rocky Raccoon 100, and she may be mumbling to herself about squirrel informants during her 20 milers, but don’t worry about her.  This is normal. Normal like making up an imaginary nemesis to motivate yourself. Right? …Right?

If you’re gearing up for an ultramarathon this spring (or even just curious about it), you’ll want to read Coriander‘s Intro to Ultras Part 2: Ultra Eating. Think you can just use your marathon fuel schedule? Think again!

No matter what distance your spring race is, you’re going to want to Hedge Your Bets and Switch up Those Running Surfaces! Salty explains how to avoid running high mileage on the same surface day after day and thereby avoid potential injury

Ginkgo misses her college days, not because of the Animal House-style parties and antics, but because her cross-country team gave her such a great community experience. Read why in Why I STILL Love Collegiate Running

And Vanilla claims to have 5 Reasons Why Running Is Better Than Sex, which only says to me that she’s having both regularly.  Wooo!

And that brings us to our Comment of the Week!  Who has received this most prestigious honor…?

6packmomma! 6pack left this doozey on Ginger’s streaking post:

My most unusual one (for me) was last fall. I failed to get up early in the day to run and had an otherwise busy on the go day. That evening I headed to an out in the middle of nowhere haunted house with some of my kids and friends. In theory I had plenty of time to do the haunted house, get home and still run. It might have been 11 p.m., but I have been know plenty of times to scoot out of the house at 10-11 p.m. and go run a quick mile. When we get to the haunted house there was a looooong line and it was very cold. I stood there jumping around at first, then jokingly said to my friends….”I should go run. It would warm me up.” Insert awkward pause and weird looks from friends (not unusual). Then I realized how true my words were. So dressed in jeans, converse sneakers, a tshirt, warm jacket and regular bra I took off and looped around the haunted house until I had completed 1 mile. It was dark, middle of nowhere, etc., but I got it done. So glad I did because once we got done and back to my car there was a big hoopla with my keys missing, yada yada, lots of drama and before everything was figured out, keys back in my possession and I finally get home it was well after midnight.

Another most memorable was the day of the men’s Olympic marathon. I had just completed in an 8 hour ultra the day before and completed 46 miles. Fair to say I was exhausted and it hurt to move my eyelashes. But being a true running/marathon fan I was determined to get up and watch the race live. I watched the beginning then decided to take off for a “quick” mile thinking nothing would happen while I was gone for a mile. Did I mention that EVERYTHING hurt. I still took off and am pretty sure I kept saying “ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow” the whole entire mile. But I got it done! And lo and behold during that mile run is when the 2 American runners pulled out of the race. I walk back into the house, see the tv and had a complete WTH moment. It was just 1 mile. 1 I’ll never forget.

Currently I’m getting lots of runs done in sub zero temps. What keeps me going? My streak!

I think the reason we chose this one is obvious: HARDCORE!

When we contacted 6packmomma this is what she had to say about herself:

I”ve been married for 18 years and am a mother to 6 children ranging in age from 17 – 5 years old.  I am mostly a stay at home mom.  I do teach fitness classes at our local Y and community college.  I am also a faculty trainer for the YMCA of the USA.  All of those jobs are very minimal and flexible hours which gives me the ability to do what I love the most: be a wife & mom and, of course, RUN!  

I have been running since my childhood.  I don’t think I gave it much deep thought as to why I ran, I just did and always enjoyed it.  Upon my advanced (ha), mature (ha ha) age I have come to believe that my body is an amazing thing and is capable of much more than I or anyone gives it credit for.  I’m a believer that anything is possible and I’m on a journey to find just what great & amazing things I can/will accomplish with my running.

YES! Words to live by. Thanks 6packmomma and to all our awesome commenters this week!


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