Cocoa’s C-section recovery log: week 5

This week went smoothly, for the most part. My abdomen continues to be very sore, mostly in the upper ab area.  That pain is only present when running. It just feels like I have a severe sideache on both sides. I am a little perplexed by this—I am guessing it may be my upper abs re-engaging? It makes me nervous so I hardly can call I did the first few days this week as “running”. It was more of a slow-motion, baby short step, shuffle the whole way.  Nonetheless, the ab pain randomly resolved mid-week so that was good!

My incision still burns like the dickens if anything touches it. I was so glad when we arrived at our destination on Wednesday, because I don’t know how much longer I could tolerate the seatbelt rubbing the area! It might be a while before I am willing to get into a car again.

On a fun side note, one of my running girlfriends is running the NYC marathon this November. She was my inspiration for running while pregnant (we ran together during 2 of her pregnancies). She had a c-section for baby #1 and a VBAC for baby #2, and has definitely provided moral support and inspiration for me! She’s one tough lady. I can’t wait to see how she does.

Here is my training log for this week:

-Day 1:  VERY slow, but gorgeous, run through a park in Colorado, watching the sunrise.  10 minute shuffle/2 minute walk/8 minute shuffle back.  The upper ab pain started to get pretty bad at 7 minutes, but I toughed it out until I got to 10 minutes.

-Day 2: Repeat of yesterday’s plan: 10 min shuffle/2minute walk/8 minute shuffle back. I probably went even slower today than yesterday’s run.  I only covered 1.3 miles if that tells you anything. I ran on a roadside trail in Albuquerque. It was flat, ghetto, and creepy haha. Apparently we stayed on the wrong side of town.

-Day 3: 20 min run (was able to run the 20 minutes consecutively!), followed by 30 minute stationary bike (upright bike). I was a little sore in my upper abs, but less than yesterday. We arrived in Oklahoma today! Hurray for being done with the car!

-Day 4: 30 min run, covered about 3 miles.  I felt great and my pace was faster than it has been for months!

-Day 5: 40 min run, and I felt amazing. I did a pace check on track– 8:16 pace!!  Of course, I think I always subconsciously speed up when I am pace-checking at the track, so I am guessing that I was really averaging 9 min/mile for the bulk of the run.  It is always fun to explore new areas, and I am getting to know the area of Oklahoma that we will be staying in for the next few weeks.

-Day 6: 40 minute run, probably about 9 min/mile pace again. I was a little sore in my incision site from yesterday, but since I was exploring a new trail, I went longer than I meant to (e.g., I was enjoying myself, so I refused to look at my watch so that turning around late was a “mistake.”) Followed run with 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

-Day 7: Walk 3 miles

Addendum: Since I am publishing these training logs several weeks after the fact, thought I should give an update on my friend’s (mentioned above) marathon.  At her FIRST marathon back, after 2 pregnancies and a c-section, she ran a 3:16 at NYC!!! I am so thrilled for her!! And she reads this blog, so GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a 30-something new mother (pet mother too), marathon and ultramarathon runner, healthcare professional, and outdoor enthusiast. I'm working on completing a marathon in all 50 states. I will be blogging about motherhood, running, and any random running-related rant I might come up with.

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