Cocoa’s C-section recovery log: Week 2

Spent a lot of time snuggling with my dogs and baby this week!

A friend of mine told me that every day after a c-section you feel 100% better than the day before. Well, I have a lot of “100%’s” to go until I feel decent again, but she was right. Every day is 100% better than the day before… UNLESS I overdid it the day before, in which case I take one step forward and a half step back.

I’ve had a lot of improvement this week though. The best part was realizing that I can stationary bike at the gym without feeling pain in my incision. The trick is to set the bike with just enough resistance that I can pedal solely using the power of my leg muscles, hence sparing my core. I also found that if I kept my pedal rate about 70 RPMs, that was just about right (any faster and I could feel my core starting to engage, which is what I was trying to avoid).

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I hate to admit it, but when I realized I could bike, one of my first thoughts was: “Take THAT, you vaginal birthers! I finally found an advantage over you. Suckers!!”  (That is being said with a victory dance).  Yes, my baby girl is absolutely worth any surgical procedure that was needed to get her here safely, but I am not ashamed to admit that I’m still bitter about needing a c-section. So I will take my “bicycling victory” with joy.

Regardless, I am so thankful that I can bike. It feels so good to break a sweat again. It is therapeutic. And I am thankful to my husband for coming to the gym with me. And to my mom for babysitting Baby Girl while we are out. And for a cute baby girl. Lots to be thankful for this week!

With no further ado, here is my week 2 training log:

Training log

Day 1:  Walked about 2 miles with the whole family, including my mom, in the morning. Afterwards, hubby and I went to the gym and that is when I discovered that I can stationary bike! I was afraid of overdoing it, so I only biked for 15 minutes.

Day 2:  Biked 20 minutes at gym and then walked 3 miles w husband. For the record, I have less discomfort when biking than I do when walking.

Day 3: 4.5 mile walk with husband around beautiful waterfalls. This was one of my more painful walks. My incision was burning like crazy, and I felt like knives were stabbing me in the lower pelvic region (especially on the left side, which is more swollen).  Because I am slightly crazy, I tried to run at the end of the walk. I wanted to know what it would feel like. I ran 5 seconds x 2 repeats. I could hardly lift my legs, and my whole abdomen felt floppy and unstable. It was a very weird sensation, and hard to explain. For the record, I would not try running this early after a c-section ever again. I do not advocate for it. At ALL.

Day 4: Needed a recovery day. Walked 2 slow miles with my mom.

Day 5: Feeling better today. Biked 20 minutes at gym and walked 3 miles with my mom on a hilly course.

Day 6: Biked 30 minutes easy again, and walked 4 miles with my mom and dogs. It was a hilly course and I felt good

Day  7: Walked 4 miles w mom pushing stroller. I am so glad my mom is here!

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