Clove’s Training Log: 7.6.2012

This gratuitous shot of my canine daughter (napping after a busy Christmas morning) pretty much sums up how I’ve felt all week. Oh to just lie down and sleep …

I don’t know that I have the words to describe this week of training.  Tough?  Hot?  I was peaking out with my second 100+ mile week, and I just reached that point where I was so … SICK … of running.  Add the ridiculous heat we’ve had to it, PLUS the power outages from the storms, and it just about broke me.

I think that sums it up in a way.  This is the closest that any training cycle has ever come to breaking me.  In retrospect, it seems as if I just glided through my training for Rocky Raccoon last December/January.  I had been prepared to battle with winter, but temperatures were mild and I found that the training barely even tired me.  These past few weeks, it’s just been … TOUGH.  And have I mentioned the heat?

Nevertheless, 104 miles for the week.  Yes, 104.  Maybe I should stop acting so surprised that I’m feeling a little flat …

Saturday:  16 hilly road miles.  It was meant to be 21, but in spite of a conservative start, I got way too hot and couldn’t reign it in.  With my keystone workout the next day, I decided to bite the bullet, feel like crap about not completing the run and madly guzzle fluids in an attempt to rehydrate for Sunday.  Power came back on during my run, but wouldn’t last.

My awesome company for the big 40 mile workout – Darrin and Darris, otherwise known as DB. So sweet of them to let me crash the bromance for a day 🙂

Sunday:  40 trail miles on the Alum Creek MTB circuit.  Not a typo, 40 is correct.  Ran with Darris and Darrin (also not a typo), often a bit ahead.  By run’s conclusion it was up close to 90, but Darris and I finished out the last 10 strong, and best of all, our final 5 miles were the fastest of the day.  Also experimented with my new nutrition strategy; taking in one gel per hour and supplementing with solid food, rather than the reverse.  I wanted to do this run on the more technical trails at Mohican or Burning River, but the power outage required some … flexibility.  Lost power again after the run.

I know, I know, I look a little too fresh to have just finished 40 miles. In my defense, that entire outfit is soaking wet and I was actually able to twist the top and ring it out. And yes, the latter stages of the run were indeed fueled by Pringles and Coke.

Monday:  Two back to back spin classes.  (No power.)

Tuesday:  8 morning miles with my neighborhood running group, immediately followed by Pilates/core class.  (Power restored).

Wednesday:  FINALLY nailed the Wednesday 21 in the heat.  It took several adjustments, including walking on a couple of the longer hills (HATED IT, felt like a dork.)  I have no issues with walking at all – I’m a trail runner and we walk.  But walking on the roads just feels creepy weird to me.  It worked, though, and I walked less on the final eight mile loop than the first one.  97 degrees, baby – bring it.  (Lost power for about 3 minutes … terrifying … then restored).

Thursday:  Evening 13 miles on the roads, playing with ice in my hat and sports bra.  Some melting ice landed in my belly-button; it was almost a religious experience.  96-ish degrees and humid.

Friday:  Early morning 6 miles, temperature around 85.  It was supposed to be an eight mile run, but there’s a turnoff to make it six and I took it.  My little body needed a break, and really, what’s the difference between 104 for the week and 106?  As soon as I made the turn, I could literally feel my body physically thanking me.  It was only two miles, but man, we deserved that break.

Still have a 90 mile week ahead, but technically, it’s all downhill from here ….

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