Clove’s Training Log: 7.13.2012 and 7.20.2012

What good training season doesn’t come without this? The dreaded summer cold, and lounge I spent my Sunday on …

My final peak week finally arrived, heralded by the dreaded summer cold.  I had to rearrange some workouts last minute to ensure recovery, and while it sucked initially,  I ended it blazing – or with blue blazes, to be exact.  The day before leaving for Badwater, DB and I headed out to the Buckeye Trail 50K course to run 30 of the arguably most difficult miles of the Burning River 100.  As this particular run capped off that final high mileage week (91 miles) and also included a raging case, of PMS, DB is to be commended for not pushing me off the trail at some point.  I am also to be commended, as I ran shirtless (!) in spite of a very obvious bout of water-retention/PMS bloat, and even included the picture in this blog.  I do bloat pretty badly when this happens; we even have an ongoing joke in the house that my little “tummy” is actually where the “PMS Monster” lives.

After that, it was off to Badwater, which was perfect timing for my first taper week.  I did a little running and a lot of walking out there, and returned home exhausted in body, but refreshed in legs.  One taper week to go …

Week of 7.13.2012  (91 miles)

Saturday:  19 road miles with my neighborhood running group

Sunday:  Zip, zilch, zero.  Was supposed to be a 20 on the Mohican trails, but I was sick as a dog and had lost my voice to boot.  Bad movies and reality tv replaced training.

Monday:  Two back to back spinning classes.  Still no voice.

Tuesday:  Nixed the morning run and Pilates/core class as I had been up all night coughing.  Tiny, squeaky voice and managed to gut out an 8 miler in the early evening, followed by a spin class.

Wednesday:  Time to get back on track; mid-week 21 miler.  Took it a bit easier than usual; but nixed the spinning class when I saw my hat post-run.  My shorts were the same.  Clearly the body chemistry wasn’t quite back on track yet.

Salty Running.

Thursday:  10 morning road miles with my neighborhood group.  No evening workout as we were running the rogue 50K early the next morning.

Friday:  33 miles (there were these two at the beginning where we went backwards on the trail, oops) on the Buckeye Trail 50K course.  Strong but grouchy workout.

Time to taper! (Also to “birth” the three pounds of water and/or the PMS Monster residing on top of my abs).

Week of 7.20.2012  (53 running miles, 12 walking miles)

Saturday:  17 road miles with neighborhood running group before leaving for Badwater.

Sunday:  10 road miles from Stovepipe Wells, 90 degrees, Badwater.

Monday:  Zero, crewing at Badwater.

Tuesday:  12 miles walked with Chris on the Badwater course, primarily hiking up to the Whitney Portal.

Badwater!!! (@ Mile 115)

Wednesday:  Zero, travel home from Badwater and taper.

Thursday:  13 road miles followed by a single spin class; I was cranking on this run between the recovery and leftover Badwater vibes.  Had to remind myself not to overdo it.

Friday:  13 more road miles, not quite as chipper.  (See:  don’t overdo it, above).

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