Clove’s Training Log: 6.29.2012

Squaw Valley mountains. More specifically, the mountain I got to hike up - and run DOWN - at 5 am. If you look closely, you can see the trail cut in all the way up.

This week marked not only my totally awesome Western States 100 adventure, but the first of two back to back weeks of peak mileage for the upcoming Burning River 100.  Runners, please take note: this is serious mileage, a very heavy workload, and something I have spent years working toward.  In other words, do not try this at home, or without the input of your own support team, whether that be training partners, physicians, massage and physical therapists, etc.  I work with all of them in approaching this type of mileage and workload, and I hit a single month of mileage like this only twice per year.

This type of workload also requires a tremendous amount of sleep, a massive daily calorie load, and the ability to closely read your body’s most subtle signals.  The outrageous heat was just a bonus.  Being self-employed and therefore able to schedule the workouts and naps as needed is also a huge help, and one I am grateful for every day.  101 miles for the week.

One of the many historic sites on the Western States 100 course, Michigan Bluff.

Saturday/Sunday:  A combo meal of 28 miles made up of the following parts of the Western States 100 course:  a 3.5 mile hike up to Escarpment, the first aid station, followed by a 3.5 mile run straight DOWN the mountain.  A two-mile total run from a shuttle drop-off point first to the Green Gate aid station, then down to the far side of the Rucky Chucky River.  Then 22 miles on the course with Skinny Beast.  Because of the amount of hiking up to Escarpment, I’m counting the entire thing as 28 running miles, though I recognize that it technically adds up to 31.

Re-run from my previous blog post just because I LOVE this pic. Clove and Jay on the Western States course; photo credit Dusty Davis.

Monday:  13 road miles followed by a single spin class.

Tuesday:  8 morning miles with the neighborhood running group followed by core/Pilates class; 5 easy evening miles followed by two back to back spinning classes.

Wednesday:  21 road miles, this week with guests!

Correct, this photo is not from a Wednesday morning in June. But it does picture all of my guests, Stevie-Z, Darris and Dave Huss (live from MI). Skinny Beast is on the far right.

Thursday:  Heat training, round one.  13 miles in 96 degrees, followed by a single spin class.  Mid-run popsicle and heavy salt consumption during spinning class; took about half an hour to correct headache and mild dizziness.

Friday:  Heat training, round two.  13 more miles in 96 degrees, narrowly missing the terrifically scary thunderstorm coming through Columbus.  Two 20 ounce water bottles plus mid-run lemonade and popsicle.  Not as overwhelming as yesterday, but also got mildly cooler the last five miles due to impending storm.

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