Clove’s Training Log: 4.20.2012

Happier Times ... my back and I working together on a new yoga pose just five weeks ago.

This week was all about the back … my lower back and getting “back” into the groove.  Heavy training for the Vermont 100 starts April 28, so this was a “mock” week – moderate (for me) mileage, but some longer mid-week runs to help refresh my ultra-training memory.  I also managed to mess up my back pretty well last week (dumb thing involving too much road running, stilettos and groceries), so I ditched a couple of shorter runs and doubles in the interest of recovery.  76 miles for the week.

Saturday:  16.5 miles with road-training group.  Back hurt so badly I called it early.  Cheated at core/Pilates class due to mean back.

Sunday:  8 very painful miles on my standard hilly loop  (Naughty back, naughty back!!!)

Monday:  Emergency appt. with evil massage therapist, “Thor,” to deal with naughty back.  Two back to back spin classes Monday evening.

Tuesday:  7 significantly less painful miles on standard loop, followed by core/Pilates class.

Wednesday:  21 laughable road miles.  Almost everything that could go wrong did, right down to blowing a snot rocket on my own shoulder.

Thursday:  16 morning trail miles at Mohican with good friend Rachel.  Tired from the 21, but I planned it that way.

Friday:  8 early morning road miles.  Legs felt fresh and snappy, so the muscle memory is there.  Standing bi-weekly appointment with Thor.

Looking forward to a rest week of only 50 miles before gearing up for the big training cycle.

Crime Scene: These stairs, these stilettos, and two very heavy bags of Gatorade, milk and juice. Dear back, I am so sorry.
Relationships take work. Slowly learning to trust each other again ...



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  1. I’m so interested in reading about an ultrarunner’s training! Are most of your runs done at an easy pace? Do you incorporate workouts during your training cycle? Ok, I’ll stop there! I often wonder if I’m more destined to be an ultrarunner, especially after reading the Running Times article from this month’s issue about lessons we can all learn from an ultrarunner ( I especially like #2 (race/train at perceived effort). When I forget about a certain pace, I enjoy the act of running a lot more!