Clove’s Training Log: 11.23.2012

Mileage continued to climb for me this week, with two weeks left until I peak out at 100 for the first time.  I’ve often said that the first two weeks and the last two weeks of 100-mile training are the hardest, excluding the taper.  I’m definitely re-adjusting to the fatigue, but the best part was feeling my metabolism kick into first gear early last week.  This week wasn’t too terribly awful, especially since two of my normal spinning workouts were pre-empted by holiday-related gym closures.  With the back to back long runs about to start up again, though, I’m sure I’ll be feeling the burn before too long.  87 miles for the week.

Saturday:  3 easy miles, casual run with pace team.  Included the ceremonial run up the “Rocky steps” at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Eye of the tiger …

Sunday:  30 miles total; paced the Philadelphia Marathon and followed it with another 3.8 to round it off for my first over-distance run this training cycle.

Monday:  Two back to back spin classes.

Tuesday:  7 early morning miles on the neighborhood loop, followed by core/Pilates class in the morning.  PM:  Second track workout of 800’s.      3 x 800 with two minutes rest, goal 3:10.  Actual pace for repeats was 3:09, 3:07 and 3:09.  Last one was a shambles since I accidentally hit my watch about 150 meters in, and spent the rest of the repeat having to do head math.  Total workout was only 3 miles (yay!) – one warm-up mile, repeats, one cool-down mile.

Wednesday:  Midweek 21 miler, with a special surprise midway through.  Grrrr.

Thursday:  8 early morning miles on the neighborhood loop.  A fun “Clintonville Turkey Trot” for those of us who were traveling or had visiting family, and therefore couldn’t wait for the official trot at 9 am.

Back on the juice …

Friday:  15 trail (!!!) miles at the Alum Creek mountain bike trails.  First 10 with my friend (and new daddy) Stevie-Z, followed by the last 5 with DB.  Was SO GOOD to get in some trail time – was not so fun taking a wicked tumble.  Followed that up with an hour with massage-god; that probably hurt worse than the fall …

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