Clove’s Training and Food (So Much Food) Log: 3.28.15 – 4.3.15

Who loves Clif SHOT?  I do ... until mile 91!
Who loves Clif SHOT? I do … until mile 91!

As I have no training this week, I shall provide a fun look into 100-mile recovery!

Saturday, March 28:  100 miles in 19:13, pajama pants.

Sunday, March 29:  Rest with legs elevated until it becomes necessary to fly home.  Attempt to drink apple juice to take edge off of growling but nauseated stomach.  Become obsessed with thought of scrambled eggs.  Decide that scrambled eggs are the only edible food on earth at present time.  Call downstairs to find out when complimentary breakfast buffet opens.  Text with Salty as cannot sleep due to pain and hunger that can only be relieved by scrambled eggs.

6 am:  Eat incredibly delicious mediocre/microwave style cheese omelet crusted with salt as soon as breakfast buffet opens.  Finally sleep.

8:30 am:  Return to breakfast buffet with DB.  Consume second omelet with slightly less salt plus waffles covered with chocolate chips, whipped cream and syrup.  All three, damn it!

At airport, decide I have not eaten enough.  Consume “big grab” bag of Doritos and wash down with some Skittles.  Sleep of the dead on flight from Raleigh to Atlanta.

Atlanta:  Caesar salad with hard-boiled egg, more Skittles, Dr. Pepper.

Immediately upon walking into the house, Kraft macaroni and cheese and this totally ridiculous hunk of fresh mozzarella, washed down with orange soda.  Don’t judge.

One hour later, an entire bowl of chips at a Mexican restaurant, followed by fish tacos.  All this is then followed by every piece of chocolate I can find in the house.

Monday, March 30:  Sleep in until 9.  Eat leftover chocolate covered donuts in bed.  Work from bed.  Nap in bed.  Mashed potatoes and cole slaw for lunch.  Broccoli cheese soup and salad for dinner.  Massive amounts of cheese and chocolate milk.  Finally feel full, also have stomachache.  Am not surprised.

Tuesday, March 31:  Begin to eat in slightly more healthy manner, but show total disregard for concepts of “calories,” “sugar,” “salt,” or “portion size.”  Actually stand on two feet and go to coffee shop to work.

Wednesday, April 1:  Begin to get hold of self and eat standard diet.  Do not regret previous gluttony, but cannot deny that I feel so.  much.  better.  All surface soreness is now gone; walk dog, run errands and go grocery shopping.  Miss running in some distant part of brain but also have no desire to actually do it.

Thursday, April 2:  Weight has returned to normal range.  Energy has returned to normal range.  Wake up at normal time.  Miss the people in my Thursday morning running group but snuggle kitten closer as I imagine them doing our Thursday morning hill workout – and smirk.

Gratuitous kitten photo.  Horton photobombing my recovery!
Gratuitous kitten photo. Horton photobombing my recovery!

Friday, April 3:  Ummm … oh.  Right.  Closed the business books for the month, took two conference calls and baked and decorated seven dozen sugar cookies for Easter morning coffee hour at my church.  Amazing how much you can get done when you are not running!

Weekly totals:  100 miles; 100,000 calories.

A small portion of the 100,000 calories.  I made those, y'all!
A small portion of the 100,000 calories. I made those, y’all!

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  1. This this this. This is why I am so excited about ultra marathons and my 50 miler coming up in August! (training starts today!! eeeee!!) Look at aaaalll the food!!