Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Weeks 3 – 5, Cycle Three

Clove's been busy, yo!  At historic Hayward Field with some of the Clif Bar Pace Team earlier this month.
Clove’s been busy, yo! At historic Hayward Field with some of the Clif Bar Pace Team earlier this month.  I’m the tiny one in yellow.

Salty readers, it has been a crazy busy few weeks for the Clove-ster.  Nothing bad, just a lot of work, travel for work, running around and general malaise from the treatments.

While I got a little behind in posting my logs, I was indeed still jotting them down.  Cycle three went much better than cycle two, both on a day to day basis and in terms of anticipated success, but I did get behind in the logs.  Sorry!

I’ve got the mileage, protocol, and a few fun anecdotes below, and I’ll be bringing everyone up to date on the conclusion of the cycle later this week.  We’re hanging in there, still having fun outside the treatments, and always keeping our sense of humor.

Week Three

Saturday, April 27:  Easy 4 miles in Eugene.  Absolutely exhausted, almost fell asleep while I was working at the Expo.  Finally got a break and took a little nap outside in the sun.  75 iu’s of Follistim; they’re dosing me down now to allow me to be out of town without ovulating too soon or on my own.

Sunday, April 28:  26.2 miles, Eugene Marathon, super relaxed and easy pace.  50 iu’s of Follistim on an airport bathroom floor since there were no shelves or surfaces in the stall.  The fun never stops.

Monday, April 29:  Single spin class, too whipped to do a double between the drugs, the late night flight home and the early wake up call.  Second scan of the cycle, and things are looking up compared to last month.  Brad does my blood draw, and he even remembers to give me a bandaid instead of that horrible medical tape that stays on my arm for days.  My favorite doctor does my scan, and when I mention I’m exhausted from the trip, he tells me to go ahead and sleep and he’ll wake me up when we’re done.  Heh.  We’ve got one follicle at 17 mm (yay!) and three at 15 mm.  He reminds me we don’t want too many babies out of this – well, I haven’t been worried about that particular problem in awhile.  He tells me we’re looking at one more night of Follistim with a Tuesday trigger and a Thursday insemination.  Even though the timing is exactly right, it feels like we’re on fast forward after last month’s never-ending odyssey.  100 iu’s of Follistim – and that’s likely a wrap on this old drug, pregnant or not.

Tuesday, April 30:  8 miles with my morning neighborhood group, immediately followed by Pilates/core class.  Single spin class in the afternoon.  Trigger shot at 9 pm (5,000 iu’s of Pregnyl suspended in 1 ml of fluid), right into that quad muscle.  Yikes!

Wednesday, May 1:  8 afternoon miles with DB.  We take a new and unusual (to me) route and my stomach is a disaster.  Preggers!  Wake up nauseous and sick and spend the day completely ravenous.  No shots tonight – yay!

Thursday, May 2:  8 morning miles with my neighborhood group, since I can get them in prior to the procedure.  IUI at 9:30 am, and you will never believe this one.

Remember crazy mean female doctor?  Well, she’s back.  My doctor, who makes every effort to do all of his own IUI procedures, is out of town that day.  That part is okay; I’ve had both of the other male doctors do the procedure and they’re fine.  But no, this time, I get her.  Even better?

SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER ME.  She walks in and says “I don’t think we’ve actually met before, I’m Dr. X.”

She's baa-aaack!
She’s baa-aaack!

I kid you not.  But in all truth, she was the kindest I’ve ever found her to be that day, so all’s well that ends well?

Crampy and blechy feeling most of day; work from bed until mid-afternoon.

Friday, May 3:  OFF.  Headed down to Cincinnati to work the Flying Pig Marathon expo for the Columbus Marathon.  Ravenous all day.  100 mgs of Prometrium.  Yep, evil P is back.

Weekly totals:  54  miles, 2 hours of spinning, 225 iu’s of Follistim, 5,000  iu’s of Pregnyl, 100 mgs of Prometrium.

Week 4

Saturday, May 4:  Easy 5 miles in Cincinnati/Kentucky.  100 mgs Prometrium.

Sunday, May 5:  21 miles at the Flying Pig Marathon with DB, Bill and “big Scott,” two of the guys in my neighborhood running group.  We all had numbers for the full marathon, and the guys ran it at a comfortable 3:45.  In an abundance of caution, I hacked off the first five miles, jumping in at mile 5, for a 21 mile long run on course.  21 miles at a comfortable pace is an average weekly long run for me; I decided to spare my body the extra 5 to play it as safe as possible.  Post-run, I crash hard with the napping and fulfill a bizarre craving for grape Crush soda.  Both are related to the 21 miles, not the faux or possible pregnancy.  We celebrate cinco de Mayo with Mexican food and a virgin pina colada for me.  100 mgs Prometrium, and something a little weird – towards the end of the night, I notice a sore throat and feeling a bit run down.  Hmmm ….

Monday, May 6:  Back to back spin classes.  I’m super hungry but I did run hard yesterday.  At the same time, the sore throat is lingering and I definitely feel run down.  Not unlike I felt two months ago.  You know, when I was “a little bit” pregnant?  Self-administered lecture about not getting hopes up.  Big vegetarian cobb salads for dinner.  100 mgs Prometrium. 

Tuesday, May 7:  Eventual 8 miles later in the day.  Wake up to run with my morning run group, and immediately know something is wrong.  I have HORRIBLE stomach cramps.  It’s not like a food poisoning thing, but it’s not quite low enough to be uterine stuff.  All I know is that it hurts – bad – and there’s no way I can run.  End up having to take Tylenol, but can’t find a position to lie in where my stomach doesn’t just ache.  Cramping finally abates after about half an hour, so I go to Pilates/core class.  For the rest of the day, it’s on and off, but I just don’t feel quite right.  Things start to look up late afternoon, and DB and I head our on a run together.  The running feels great, even in the rain, but there’s a Wendy’s on our route.  The smell of the French fries sends me into a fit of dry heaves and makes me want to hurl.  100 mgs Prometrium. 

Wednesday, May 8:  Easy 5 miles on junior trail.  Was going to do a spin but simply don’t have time; too backed up on monthly invoicing and banking.  Sore throat returns, then disappears.  Can’t stop eating.  100 mgs Prometrium. 

Thursday, May 9:  8 miles with morning run group; single spin later in the evening.  Shocked to find weight under 100 after yesterday’s gluttony and pasta gorging.  Carbs, man, I’m back on the carbs.  Booster shot (2500 iu’s of Pregnyl in .5 ml fluid) AND 100 Prometrium, lucky me.  Feel “weird.”  Can’t quite explain it, and don’t want to jinx it or get hopeful, but I just feel “weird.”  The sore boobs are on – only if I bump them or get hugged too tight, running is okay.  So far.  The dip we usually eat with carrots, celery and potato chips disgusts me.

Friday, May 10:  Easy 5 miles on junior trail.  Wake up feeling nauseous and icky; surely from the booster shot.  Bi-weekly massage appointment with evil Thor, whom I am no longer fighting with.  Pinching pains in uterus.  A lot of them.  All day long.  But we know what happens when we get hopeful; disappointment tends to follow.  100 mgs Prometrium.

Weekly totals:  52 miles, 3 hours of spinning, 2,500 iu’s of Pregnyl, 700 mgs of Prometrium.

Week 5

Saturday, May 11:  14 miles with neighborhood group, followed by Pilates/core class.  Fun dinner out with our friends Catherine and Brent and their daughter Berkley, although the smell of DB’s beer is nauseating.  100 mgs of Prometrium.

Sunday, May 12:  Super easy 10 miles with DB, who just logging slow miles in his Badwater training.  100 mgs of Prometrium.

Monday, May 13:  OFF.  Columbus Marathon team meetings, and it just worked out that way.  Can’t.  Stop.  Eating.  100 mgs of Prometrium.

Tuesday, May 14:  8 miles with morning run group, immediately followed by Pilates/core class.  Single afternoon spin class.  Run feels fast and I really hope I’m not getting totally out of shape.  Last 100 mgs of Prometrium for this cycle.

Wednesday, May 15:  8 miles easy, solo.  The boobies are really hurting now, but still not quite as badly as before.  Today is the day that I’m “technically” due, but last month the Prometrium delayed me three days.  Using that as a mapping variable, I determine that Saturday is the day I will actually start my period if I’m not pregnant.  I always do my first pregnancy test on the day my period is due; even though it’s a little early and I have to be careful, a CLEAR NEGATIVE or a LOUD POSITIVE are good indicators in either direction, and help get our minds set for the next few days.  This one is indecisive; it’s a faint “see it if you squint” line, which means it’s likely just residual hcg from the booster shot.  In other words, hurry up and wait. 

I am now OFF of the Prometrium, as it delays the onset of your period (recall that progesterone has to drop to ~0 for your period to start.  So after eleven days – based on my twelve day luteal phase – we stop progesterone supplementation to allow my period to start.

Thursday, May 16:  8 gorgeous miles in Utah on a stunning green bike path.  My breasts hurt so badly I have to hold them down when I first start running, but it gets better.  I am drinking INSANE amounts.  I know I’m at altitude, and I know it’s warm, but even DB remarks that I’m a little bit out of control.  I have no PMS symptoms or salt cravings whatsoever.  We’re just … waiting.

Friday, May 17:  Easy 3 miles with the pace team.  Next pregnancy test.  It’s definitely not negative.  It’s more positive that it was on Wednesday, but it’s not a flashing red light either.  Not bloated, not PMS-ing, but definitely exhausted.  We are admittedly a little bit hopeful – BUT, we realize my period is not “really” due until tomorrow on the revised Prometrium schedule, and my breasts still don’t feel quite as insane as they did that other time, and I still don’t feel quite as “weird” as I did when this thing got so close …

And so we wait.

Weekly totals:  51 miles, 1 hour of spinning (blah), 400 mgs of Prometrium.

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