Clove’s Badwater Training Log: The Catch Up Post!

It's 17 mile climb from sea level to get here.  That knowledge sure forces you out the door when you're tired!
It’s a 17 mile climb from sea level to get here. That knowledge sure forces you out the door when you’re tired!

I’m here!  I’m here!

I’ve already referenced a few times in my training posts what a time-consuming undertaking this is, and while it’s so exciting, it’s also exhausting.  Keeping work-life-training (and laundry!) balance in check, in addition to work travel, really caught up to me in May.  I’m going to keep the catch up post brief so you know that I got the work done, and return to giving more of the nitty-gritty details in the last five weeks of training plus two of taper.

Week of 5.2.2015 – 5.8.2015:  Still a “base-building” week (for me), with the Flying Pig Marathon thrown in for an over-distance heat run (I wore shorts but had to endure a long sleeve shirt over a tank in temperatures in the 70’s).

Weekly totals:  70 miles running, 9 miles uphill walking, three 45-minute sauna sessions

Week of 5.9.2015 – 5.15.2015:  Another base-building week, with some major travel delays thrown in to make it especially challenging.  Ten mile reduction in weekly mileage as I was in CA for work and had limited time on Saturday, plus paced (only) a half-marathon on Sunday, limiting the big mileage, because I had to rush to the airport for the flight that got cancelled.  Also a somewhat snotty spa manager wouldn’t let me use the sauna at Disneyland because day passes aren’t allowed when they’re sold out.  It was the attitude that upset me, not the rule!

Weekly totals:  60 miles running, 9 miles uphill walking, two 45-minute sauna sessions

***Now things start to get very serious.  Beginning on 5.16.2015, I entered the final ten (10) weeks leading up to Badwater.  This means eight high mileage, heavy workload weeks with a single stepback week mid-way through, followed by an aggressive two week taper.  Read on, friends!

Week of 5.16.2015 – 5.22.2015:  I begin to morph into a zombie!

Saturday:  Ogden Marathon, 26.2 miles.  Just under 40 degrees and pouring rain.  Was lucky to have a great and spirited group (I was pacing), because this was sheer misery otherwise.  Somehow, this amazing group of people made miserable conditions a beautiful day.

Sunday:  OFF.  I had taken an unexpected beating at Ogden (the five-pound shoes soaked with rain were probably part of it), and decided to shift my recovery run to ensure I went into the week fresh.

Monday:  5 easy miles, followed by a 2-hour heat spin.  This was the week that the jacket was added to the mix, so I am now attending spin classes in capris with spin shorts on top of them (for the padding, kids), a tank, a long sleeve shirt, and a heavy winter running jacket.  No one told me the toughest part of Badwater training is the laundry.

Tuesday:  8 mid-morning miles with DB, followed by a sauna session, followed by one hour of uphill walking.  Four hours of recovery followed by 5 miles of half-mile hill repeats.

Wednesday:  13 miles on what I call the “double noodle” loop.  We have an eight mile neighborhood route that has six solid hills, ranging in distance from half a mile to a full mile.  So for “double noodle,” I go up them, turn around, run back down them, and run up them a second time.  A good time is had by all.  45-minute sauna session followed by one hour of uphill walking.  “Real work” (i.e., professional work) from 2 pm – 8 pm.

Thursday:  13 mile loop of moderate difficulty in the morning.  Regular workday.  One hour of uphill walking followed by single heat spin in the evening.

Friday:  Ten relaxed miles with DB in the am, followed by a 45-minute sauna session.  Relaxed uphill walk later in the day, stuck to 19 minute pace due to long run on Saturday.

Weekly totals:  80 miles running, 12 miles uphill walking, three 45-minute sauna sessions

Week of 5.23.2015 – 5.29.2015:  I start feeling incredibly strong, yet incredibly exhausted at the same time.

Saturday:  30 miles running.  I run out about 6.5 with my regular group, then dial back to 9’s with my friend and crew member George.  We continue on a longer loop, ending at his house where he has 21 for the day.  I run a downhill mile home, chug an icy coke and candy, and head back out.  In spite of being hot as he*l due to the sleeves, I only have to complete my “morning loop” of eight miles now, which seems approachable.  9:07 average pace.

Sunday:  5.5 miles on varying grades (7, 7.5, 8 and 10) on the treadmill.  I had an eight mile workout scheduled, but time constraints overruled it.  45-minute sauna session followed by a cookout – yay!

I took advantage of the holiday weekend to indulge in a non-training hobby: baking pina colada cupcakes!
I took advantage of the holiday weekend to indulge in a non-training hobby: baking pina colada cupcakes!

Monday:  It was the holiday weekend so I had Monday off to put in some miles.  20.5 miles on a hot and hilly route; outfit included shorts, knee-high socks, tank and long-sleeve shirt.  So at least my knees were cool.  I was not recovered from Saturday which was precisely the goal; managed just under 10’s but got in plenty of those hills.

Tuesday:  Single 8 mile loop in the morning; still not recovered so had to drop back from the 8:15 average pace.  My running cronies were kind and noted that if I weren’t wearing long pants and long sleeves I’d probably be fine.  Probably not, but the gesture was kind.  45-minute sauna session, work for two hours followed by an hour of uphill walking.  Late day working until 8 pm.

Wednesday:  13 miles of early morning hill repeats with George, followed by 45-minute sauna session.  After 3 hours of work, one hour of uphill walking followed by a return to the “office.”

Thursday:  13 early morning miles on a slightly less hilly route, followed by a completely normal work day!  In the evening, one hour of uphill walking followed by a single heat spin.

Friday:  OFF from running!!!  Hallelujah!  One hour of uphill walking at the crack of dawn, followed by a massage, followed by a 45-minute sauna session.  That was a nice day.

Weekly totals:  90 miles running, 12 miles uphill walking, four 45-minute sauna sessions.

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  1. I am in awe of your training log. 30 mile and 20.5 miles two days apart! Do you train and plan for the times when you will walk during the race, and what is the driver? Hills? Heart rate? Best of luck making it through this hard period. We are rooting for you!