Clove’s Badwater Training Log – 6.19.2015

The sauna that wasn't.  Meow.
The sauna that wasn’t. Meow.

There were six weeks to go at the start of this one; my heaviest four-week build followed by a severe taper.  Coming off of my rest week did nothing good for me, but I wasn’t surprised.  Much like DOMS, I often find that it’s your workout from two days prior that affects your performance on a long run; in a similar fashion, I usually struggle the week immediately after a rest week, and don’t hit my stride again until the second week.  The work was done; the a$$ was kicked; reality was continually checked.  And onward!

Saturday, June 13:  30 ridiculously hot, even more ridiculously humid miles.  I started with my long-run group, planning to run the first 6.5 miles with them out to a very steep hill for some repeats.  Attire was shorts (because it was a long run), a tank and a long-sleeve half-zip.  While I had a full 50-ounce Camelbak and planned re-fill stops, the drenching humidity had me concerned.  After 6.5 miles, I stopped at an outdoor café and begged for water so I could conserve the Camelbak fluids.  I then began five miles worth of up/downhill repeats, running the quarter mile 10% grade on repeats 1, 3 and 5 and practicing my uphill hiking on repeats 2 and 4.  Stopped at a Subway to ask for ice for my Camelbak, then took the long way home (to prevent cutting the run short).  Stopped to chug a Coke and eat a popsicle at mile 22, and then began the last eight mile loop.  My pace had been dropping earlier in the run, but recovered nicely to 9:15-ish for the last lap, keeping the average pace for the 30 miles at 9:19.  Bonus:  DB returned from his trip to Florida that morning, and managed to meet me for the last 2 miles.

Sunday, June 14: 12 miles of uphill circuits on the treadmill; recall that I do this workout on a treadmill because I don’t have long enough/steep enough hills here in Ohio.  Attire was shorts, winter running pants, tank, long sleeve shirt and orange fleece jacket.  Here’s the run-down; note that the entire workout, including cool-down, is still on a minimum 7% grade.

  • .5 mile warmup at 11:30 pace, gradually increasing uphill grade to 7%
  • 1 mile at 11:30 pace, 7% grade
  • .5 mile at 11:30 pace, 7.5% grade
  • .5 mile at 11:30 pace, 8% grade
  • 1 mile at 7% grade, alternating 2 minutes running at 11:30 pace with 1 minute walking at 18:10 pace
  • 1 mile (walking) at 18:10 pace, 10% grade
  • Repeat 4-mile cycle above
  • Take off pants, which are now flinging sweat-water all over the treadmill and starting to make me cold
  • 1 mile at 11:30 pace, 7% grade
  • .5 mile at 11:30 pace, 7.5% grade
  • .5 mile at 11:30 pace, 8% grade
  • 1 mile at 8% grade, alternating 2 minutes running at 11:30 pace with 1 minute walking at 18:10 pace
  • .5 mile cooldown, gradually decreasing grade

Followed this with a 50-minute sauna session.  It felt extremely difficult very early on; the heat was not bothering me, but I simply couldn’t drink enough and was worried I’d run out of fluids.  Had to go to the (slightly) cooler lower bench for the last 15 minutes, but got it done.  Went to bed early and was thoroughly trashed.

Monday, June 15: Easy five miles of half-mile hill repeats.  Monday is normally my no-running day, but due to work travel I needed to front-load a few miles.  Followed this with two hours of heat spinning.  Tired during final hour.

Tuesday, June 16:  Eight morning miles with the morning run group in long pants and long-sleeve, immediately followed by a 50-minute sauna session.  Big sauna news; this was the day I decreased my drinking intervals to three minutes from four; I am now able to process two liters of fluids in 50 minutes without getting bloated or having to run to the bathroom.  Go regulatory system!

Later in the day, an evil 5-mile downhill run on the treadmill.  Warmed up on the treadmill at the standard 1.0, then dropped it to 0 for a mile, -1% for a mile, -2% for a mile, -3% for a mile and then a half-mile cool-down.  Once shredded, began my hour of uphill walking.  Up, down.  Down, up.  So it goes …

Wednesday, June 17: 12 miles of one-mile hill repeats, staying relaxed on the uphills and pushing the downs.  While I was not sore on this run, my legs felt tired and trashed.  In other news, I simply got bored.  Bored with the whole, hot production.  Followed later in the afternoon with a 50-minute sauna session and one hour of uphill walking, plus packing and preparation for work event/travel.

This is how we dress for the treadmill.  And this is only the top layer.
This is how we dress for the treadmill. And this is only the top layer.

Thursday, June 18:  I only had to get in 5 easy miles, but a two-hour travel delay (with poor airport internet) crunched my whole day up.  Got in the easy 5 and one mile of outdoor walking on a nice grade, but had to kill the hour of walking to catch up on work matters.  Still felt tired and trashed, plus stressed out by work.

Friday, June 19:  Easy three miles in the morning; a simple shakeout with a 50-mile day planned for Saturday.  Managed to get in my hour of uphill walking later in the day; I had also been beyond enthused to find that a little old over-priced Radisson in Duluth, MN actually had a sauna.  A SAUNA!!!  Enthusiastically turned it on midway through my walk, and returned to find it at all of … hmmmm.  Maybe 90 degrees?  Compared to my normal exertions,  I would call this a “kitten sauna.”  In fact, my drinks only went from ice-cold to chilled.  Nevertheless, figured something was better than nothing, so left my hooded sweatshirt on, stretched out on a bench, and almost fell asleep in the sweet beachy heat.  I finally started sweating after about 35 minutes.  Didn’t bother with heart rate data.  Another week down, three hard ones, five total to go.

Weekly totals:  80 running miles, 9 miles uphill walking, 2 hours of heat spinning, three 50-minute sauna sessions, one rest session in the “kitten sauna”.

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