Cinnamon’s “Training” Log 9.2.12

07/21/2007 - Lil Devil Hello Kitty #8565
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I was a bad girl this week! I had a rough time and let it get to me.

I have a job, sort of.  I’m filling in once or twice a week on a TV show, hoping that it leads to something more full-time, or at least carries me through until I can find a better gig.  It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s a pretty damn good one, it’s teaching me a lot and I appreciate every second I get to spend doing it.  And, well, I messed something up on Monday and was having a really hard time not beating myself up about it.

I was also really stressed over the hurricane in the Gulf. I always say I’ll never move back to New Orleans permanently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed every time another disaster looms.

And then on top of it I mailed in my deferral form for the Wineglass Marathon, effectively admitting there is no way I can possibly run that race. Not that I didn’t know I wasn’t going to be able to run it, but I was waiting till the last minute, hoping maybe I could do the half.  Or maybe I could…I don’t know, wog it or something.  But it’s not going to happen. You know and I know that if I haven’t done any training–and hardly any real running–in nearly three months, there is no way I’ll be able to effectively run even a half marathon within the next 30 days without knowing I could do better.

Stuff got me down. And then when I was down I cried, feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t run.  And then I stopped crying and decided it was silly to hold myself back if it was really making me this upset.


Tuesday 8/28 – 4.25 mi. running 200 steps, walking 100 steps.  My knee felt fine, although I could tell I shouldn’t overextend myself.

Wednesday 8/29 – Raced a taxi 1.6 miles (and almost won)! Made sure to take a couple walk breaks along the way.

Thursday 8/30 – 3.01 mi running 200 steps, walking 100 steps.I didn’t follow the formula as closely on this day and definitely felt a little movement in my knee. My body is telling me to take my time.

Friday 8/31 – Worked

Saturday 9/1 – Here’s a big one. I needed to scout for a trail I’ll be setting (more on that soon) in a couple of weeks, so I rode my bike out to a place, then parked it and hiked (lots of walking, some climbing and a sprinkle of running).  The whole thing took about 3 hours and I went a total of about 21 miles.

Sunday 9/2 – Wisely took the day off.  Rode my bike into the city to see a movie but took it slow and easy.


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