Cinnamon’s Training Log 8.26.17

Hey look! A training log!

Having recently moved back to New York City and gotten 6 weeks of work right off the bat, things have been a little crazy lately. That’s okay! As a professional filmmaker, I’m used to crazy – 13 hour days, physically laborious work, two 6 day workweeks, a whirlwind weekend trip to Virginia, not having a real place to live and apartment hunting all at once are sort of a normal month in the office at this point. Still, jumping back in I thought it best to focus on doing a good job at work and not sacrifice any precious sleep in favor of running, so I only ran when I could easily fit it into the schedule, which meant a few pleasant morning run-commutes, a couple nighttime runs and that’s it, except for the couple “weekend” runs I was able to cram in.

But this week, with an entire movie under my belt, I had a relatively easy week with several short(er) work days, so I thought it would be a good time to start getting back into the swing of things. I managed to eke out 36 miles, which is no small feet having also banked 5 days of work!

For the sake of no good reason, I’m starting my week on Sunday.

Sun 8/20 – 6.0 – Just a nice run in the park

Mon 8/21 – 5.0 Day played on Sneaky Pete upstate, had a short day and came home to a nice nighttime 5 miler.

Tue 8/22 – 0.0 Prepped for a VFX unit and did not run for some reason. I think I got home late and wanted my legs fresh for the morning run to work on Wednesday?

Wed 8/23 – 12.5 – Ran 6.5 to work on the VFX unit, had an incredible 6-hour day, then made it to the hash, which went for 6 miles! I was super tired by the end, but also really excited that I managed to get a long run’s worth of miles in on a work day!

Thu 8/24 – 3.5 – Had a 10-hour day on the VFX unit, and got home pretty late. Still, I made it out for a little night run!

81.5 miles!

Fri 8/25 – 3.5 – Had a long day of prep for someone else’s job next week and had to run some errands, so had a loooong commute to my sublet. Now determined to make 36 for the week, I felt like I had to do SOMETHING when I got home, so I made it out for 3.5, but not until late. Less than 6 left to go!!

Sat 8/26 – 4 in the morning before brunch on tiiiiired legs (since I’d run really late the night before), and then 1.5 in the late afternoon, just to make it to my goal. I checked my Garmin to see how many steps I stepped this week – 80.3 miles, or an average of 11.5ish a day. Phew!

Total running mileage: 36!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. She has 8 more minutes to knock off her marathon for a 3:40 BQ, and will get there or die trying. Her writing is an eclectic mix of finding wholeness as an average runner, news reporting, curious reactions, satirical humor and more.

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