Cinnamon’s Training Log 4.21.2012

I really like this cool picture at the 73rd street track in Riverside Park!

This week was marked by many things.  Lots of fast running, a goal to up my mileage, and then a reminder that you’re not supposed to do both of those at once. Oh, and mud. A LOT of mud.

Sunday: 5 miles fast fast fast

Monday: Took off.  I have since learned Monday is the wrong day to take off – It’s the day before speed work! If I don’t pack in some mileage here, what happens when I’m tired on Thursday and try to run anyway?

Tuesday:  Had a massage/torture session with my MT Crystal.  Then in the evening ran a pretty solid track workout! 2x 200 @ 0:50 (200), 2x 400 @ 01:45 (400), 2x 800 @ 3:45 (400), 2x 400 @ 1:45 and 1:50 (400), 2x 200 @ 0:52, 0:48 (200). That last 200 is my fastest recorded time ever. I took a chance wearing my Brooks Pure Cadence, figuring they might be better suited for a track workout, but nope. Something about those shoes just does not suit my gait – I felt a little tug at my knee again while starting my second-last interval and had to double back.  However, I felt good when I got home so I added a little 2 mile shakeout for a total of 5 miles.

Wednesday: 5 miles with my club. I ran with the front of the pack – big mistake after yesterday because…

Thursday:  DNF’ed my training run. Damn those shoes!  I managed to eff up my knee blasting through Wednesday too hard after Speed Work on Tuesday and my little training run on Thursday suffered for it.  My easy 6 turned into a super easy 3.

Friday: Took off after yesterday’s foul, just to be safe.

Cinnamon covered in mud
Check out these muddy legs!

Saturday:  Well…I guess…7 miles?  So I did a 4 mile  “run” through bramble bushes and a muddy stream with my running club.  It was SO FUN, and although I definitely did not run the whole time I think I put in more effort than a simple run would have taken. Seriously, if you ever want to run in the mud, skip the fabricated races and just plunge through some backwoods terrain with some friends.  Totally different.  Totally amazing experience.  I’ll get deeper into it in a future post.

After it was all over I went out for a quick 3 miles by myself just to make sure I piled on a few “junk” miles this week.

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  1. To be clear, I don’t think there is any such thing as junk miles, it’s just a phrase some who believe in the “run less/run faster” approach throw around. Every mile counts. And sorry about the shoes, sometimes it’s so hard to predict what will and won’t work.

  2. I copy that, Greg! I knew what you meant. Personally I don’t like the phrase either, but I definitely like the concept of padding mileage and was glad to see it in your post!

  3. I think Jack Daniels talked about junk miles as being between easy and tempo pace–basically running too easy to get any lactate threshold or VO2max benefits, but hard enough to break your body down. I am too tired to go find the book to check though 🙂