Cinnamon’s Training Log 3.24.12

The only real running I did this week was the NYC Half on Sunday. Coming off an injury my legs felt pretty weak, so I wanted to make sure I gave them lots of room to recover. My new job with the camera department provided me with plenty of running around to shake the lactic acid out, and I made sure to stretch every day and used The Stick to help massage my legs.ย  After almost a week, I feel great! I’m ready to go meet my running club this afternoon and attack some hills!ย  Uh… attack some hills slowly, I mean.

Here's me and Penny stretching out. She's doing the easy version.

Sunday – 13.10938 miles FAST!

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – heading off to a 4 mile urban trail run with some friends!

Look out for my race report this week!ย  I’ve been so busy I could barely squeeze in time to write it but it’s coming!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. She has 8 more minutes to knock off her marathon for a 3:40 BQ, and will get there or die trying. Her writing is an eclectic mix of finding wholeness as an average runner, news reporting, curious reactions, satirical humor and more.

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