Cilantro’s Training Log – 12/11/2017-1/14/2018

On the top of Obuda

This is the real story, told in running miles, of how I ran mindfully, largely without a plan, and arrived back in the United States ready to run again.

Arrive in Budapest: 12/12/2018

Leave Budapest: 1/9/2018

Week 1:

Monday: Leaving for Budapest today, did 45 minutes on the elliptical because I didn’t feel like running. Monday’s are traditionally my non-running days, and I knew I had a long day ahead of me.

Tuesday: Oh hey, it’s Tuesday!  After arriving in Budapest and getting a bit unpacked, I headed out for a short run around Budapest to shake out my legs. It feels amazing to run in Budapest which, more than anywhere else, feels like home. 3 miles. Yoga in the evening.

Wednesday:  I’ve got to hurry to fit in a run before I head to language class.  3 quick miles before the sun is up.  Yoga in the afternoon.

Thursday: Finally I’m adjusting to CET.  Woke up with enough time for a 43 minute run! 4.5 miles. Yoga in the afternoon.

Friday: No class today, so Budapest is my oyster. I’m tired though, and Friday is my other non-running day, so I just do a quick 3 mile run before settling in to catch up on work. Yoga again.  If, in future weeks, I forget to mention yoga, just assumed I spent some time on the mat.  My December goal was to find a personal yoga practice, so I did at least 15 minutes of yoga every day I was in BP.

From the top of Gellert Hill

Saturday: Ready to run, I head out to explore my favorite places to run, and fit in 8.5 miles (one long mile up a mini-mountain).  Woo, I love this place.

Sunday: 9 miles around BP.  I’m finding it so much easier and enjoyable to run here.  The end of the semester plus a strep/pneumonia combo was no joke, so it’s wonderful to feel like running again.

Total: 32 miles

Week 2:

Monday: 3 recovery miles.  Tired today, probably because I spent a lot of time on my feet this weekend.  Running is only part of the story when I’m in Europe.  Because I walk everywhere, I add at least 6 extra miles on walking every day I’m here.  This will come into play later.

Tuesday: 2 miles, but then 7 miles walking.

Wednesday: 7 miles.  Running is fun!

Thursday: Another day with a lot of running and walking. 9 mile run, 5 miles walked.

Friday: Rest day, “just” 9 miles of walking.

Saturday: Beautiful day for a run.  I set out without any intention, and ended up running to the highest point in OBuda, which was almost 3 miles running straight up.  12 miles total.

Sunday: Long day yesterday with a lot of hills, so I took it easy today, and just did 3 miles.

Total: 35 running miles.  Walking miles: too many to count.

Week 3:

Monday: Merry Christmas.  I’m alone in a foreign country, so naturally I go for a run. 14 miles in the beautiful BP morning.

Tuesday: 7 miles in the morning.

Wednesday: It’s sightseeing time!  I’m heading to Slovakia, because I can!  5 miles before I catch the train.

Thursday:  Time for a break.  No running, just sightseeing around BP and a lot of walking (10 miles total).

Friday: 5.5 quick miles before another day of sightseeing. 4.5 miles of walking.

Saturday: All the time on my feet is adding up.  No running, but 9 miles of walking (sightseeing again).

Sunday: It’s NYE!  I had food poisoning last night though, so I’m not feeling amaze. 3 easy miles.

Total: 34.5 miles ran. More than a lot of miles walked.

Week 4:

Monday: Happy New Year! I’m still not at 100% since the food poisoning episode (I completely missed NYE celebrations and was asleep by 10 pm).  3 easy miles (but 5 miles walked).

Tuesday: I’m feeling better, so I fit in 4.5 miles before language lessons! 5 more miles walked.

Wednesday: Time for a break – the time on my feet is starting to add up. I don’t feel like running, so I don’t! Still managed to walk 9 miles today.

Thursday: I feel like running, but not a lot.  Just 3 miles before I head to class, 6 miles walked.

Friday: I still don’t feel like running, and I’m accepting that this is my body telling me that I’ve gone at it pretty hard for Time for another rest day! A light day overall, just 7 miles total walked.

Saturday: I’m still feeling worn down, so no running again today.  Somehow, I still walk 9 miles.

Sunday: Reading for some running, but not a lot.  3 miles, and only 4.5 miles of walking!  This has become a “light” day for me.

Total: 13.5 miles, many many more walked.

Week 5: 

Monday: Last day in Budapest.  I am determined to see everything, but not while running. 6 miles walked.

Tuesday: Airplane day.  Nothing except for all of the walking involved in traveling, which adds up to 6 miles.

Wednesday: I’m back in Alabama.  And, somehow, I woke up ready to train again. 5 miles, 45 minutes. I must still be pretty tired from the flight, and I tripped on our not-so-good sidewalks towards the end of the run and scraped up my hand and knee.  No worries, though, I feel like running again.  It’s like magic. Taught yoga in the morning before getting to work.

Thursday: Another day where I feel like running!  I tentatively start my Comrade’s training plan in week two, since week one wasn’t too intense. 6 miles, 3 at tempo pace.

Friday: I don’t feel like messing up my hair, so I run inside. 4.5 miles easy.

Saturday: Woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, but fit in 4.5 miles before teaching yoga.

Sunday: Oh hey, remember that sore throat and runny nose.  It’s the flu! Couldn’t leave my bed today (or, spoiler alert) the next day.

Total: 20 miles

The irony of it all is that just as I was wanting to run again, boom, the flu tells me who’s boss. And I’m going to listen.

Cilantro out.

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021 to raise money for Girls on the Run. Next challenge: Collegiate Trail Loop FKT. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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  1. That is a whole lot of walking and sightseeing on foot- but I love it! Boo to food poisoning and now getting the flu. I guess one way to look at it, is that at least a little rest right now will make sure you are 100% ready to jump into training and will also most likely prevent you from doing too much too soon. I have that habit I get all revved up to train and it’s SO easy to just dive in because we are so excited instead of smartly easing in!