Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.4.16

Running along the riverfront
Running along the riverfront

Another awesome week in the land of dropping temperatures, amazing people, and bourbon (I know this can’t continue, so basking in the endorphins).

The workouts:

Monday: Army Physical Fitness Test in the morning (2:00 max push-ups, no resting; 2:00 max sit-ups, 2 mile TT run).  I underestimated how much the push-ups would tax the sit-ups and the sit-ups would tax the 2 mile run, but I passed both the male and female standard with the following performance: 37 push-ups, 65 sit-ups, 14:06 2 mile time (for Army folks, this is a score of 276).  I should have been closer to a sub-13 two-mile time but without any rest and the added intensity of the push-ups and sit-ups, this is where it ended up. I’m not happy with the performance, but it’s good to have a general baseline to measure improvement. With warm-up and cool-down, 4.5 miles total.

No Crossfit after work, but did another recovery CrossFit workout to fight DOMs from the AM. (3 rounds: 10xair squats, 10xpush-ups, 10xsit-ups).

Tuesday: 6 miles total, 7×1:30 repeats, 1:30 rest, 6:00 pace.  Finished with 2000 meter row. Crossfit after work: 10:00 AMRAP: 1xTRX row, 2xTRX pull-up, 3xair squat, 4xlunges, 5xmountain climbers. Strength: Squats, shoulders (supersets)

Wednesday: 6.5 miles total, 45:00 at marathon pace (7:50-8:00, which actually is barely outside of my fat-burn HR zone, so I think I might need to start adjusting my target paces). Crossfit after work: 5 RFT: 8xKB swings, 10xjumping squats. I am exhausted this evening.

Thursday: First day training with the ROTC, so while I intended this to be an easy run day, I started with the second fastest group (after running to the park where we ran) and ended up doing 9 miles total, 4 at a 7:30 pace (very hilly), the rest between 8:34 and 9, which is my new zone 1 HR zone.  I can already feel how tired I’m going to be tomorrow.  In other news, I only drank a cup of coffee before my run and think this might be my new solution to stomach probs?  Who knew that everyone else was right all along.


Friday: 5.5 miles easy in the AM (kept HR in 120’s, average 10:00 pace). Crossfit after work: 10 minutes AMRAP: 9xdeadlifts, 8xdips, 7xsquats, 7xKB cleans.

Saturday: 20 miles, easy (10:00 pace).  Recovery crossfit in the afternoon: 10xsquats, 10xpush-ups, 10xsit-ups

Siltstone Trailhead
Siltstone Trailhead

Sunday: 5 trail miles. First time trail running (other than Cherokee Park) in Kentucky.  Took Raspberry’s advice to buy a book of local trails and hit my first one this morning.  I’m an admitted poor trail runner and realized that I had mostly only run trails during races (where markings are usually pretty easy to follow).  Didn’t pay attention to the trailhead that labeled the trails and my 6.7 intended look turned into a combo deal that ended with 5 miles.  Happy to be out there, though, and covered in bug bites. After getting back (and showered), I went climbing for the first time in months after getting back. After some pool time, Crossfit: 12,11, . . . 1xKB swings, 1xpush-up for 7 minutes.

Total: 56.5 miles, 5 KB workouts

As I think I mentioned many a training log a few months ago, I write this posts as I train – so you’re getting my almost-immediate reactions to my runs.  Initially, I was kind of embarrassed by my Army Fitness Score (largely because of my 2-mile time), but apparently this is a pretty good score.  I’m only 4 points away (which is a couple of push-ups or so) from the “Cardinal standard” on campus, so I’m revising my initial feelings.  That being said, I’m not at all happy with a 14:06 2-mile when I have run that pace for at least 6 miles+ just in training.  I’m looking forward to seeing how I improve after a semester of training.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this week went.  I’m branching out and trying new things, and really feeling energized by running and new running friends. My Crossfit workouts this week were light, and that’s likely to stay the same the upcoming week because this is a recovery week.  While it feels like a step back when training is going well, I know that these gains can’t continue without proper attention to recovery.  If someone told me a year ago that this is how my training log would read, I would have laughed out loud.  What is happening here?

Cilantro, out.

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