Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.22.2013

Guess who’s back?

Laura - Rest Area
In a rest area during the 20-hour move to North Dakota


And by back, I mean in North Dakota.

After a long and rather miserable seven months (more about that in another post), I packed up last week and moved to North Dakota to pursue my PhD in Teaching & Learning at the University of North Dakota.

And, once I was settled in here, I suddenly felt the urge to run again (note: this is after three months of a strong aversion to the thought of exercise).

And so I did.

Weekly stats:

Sunday: 60 minutes walking

Monday: 4 miles, easy

Tuesday: 30 minutes yoga, 20 minutes walking

Wednesday: 6 miles, easy

Thursday: 20 minutes, walking

Friday: 60 minutes, elliptical

Saturday: 5 miles, easy

Total miles: 15

I’m not only out of shape, I’m up 10-ish pounds – and now I have to trick myself to exercise (for example, I’ll run to the grocery store and walk back with the groceries).  But I sort of feel like I have a more healthy attitude towards exercise.  Exercising more than 60 minutes shouldn’t be the norm, but the exception (even when I’m training for a marathon, for once weekly long runs).  I’m loving that I want to run again, and I’m not going to put any pressure of certain distances, mileages, races or times to get me down.

For now, I’m simply running because I love to run.

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021 to raise money for Girls on the Run. Next challenge: Collegiate Trail Loop FKT. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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