Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.28.16

Catching the sunrise over Louisville
Catching the sunrise over Louisville

Another good week, so I feel like the chips are going to fall soon.  I didn’t do as much CrossFit as I would have liked (or maybe, as intense of CrossFit workouts – I hit the number of workouts but the intensity and length was shorter this week).  However, it was cool enough to run outside Tuesday and Wednesday which was amazing and I was able to hit some great paces which was good confirmation that I didn’t lose all of my fitness during my crazy summer that wasn’t.

The workouts:

Monday:  Rest day, although I walked a little over 5 miles in the course of my normal daily activities and ate basically a pint of ice cream.  It was delicious and I don’t feel bad.

Tuesday: Fueled by ice cream, I did my first real outdoor run in over two months (due to heat + humidity). 10xhill sprints (200 meters).  5.5 miles total, 8:34 average pace. Crossfit after work: 5 RFT – 8xKB swings (35 pounds), 10xjumping squats, 12xburpees.

Wednesday:  Another run outside.  A marathon-pace run, hilly (as are most around Louisville), 7 miles, average pace 8:00 excepting warm-up and cool-down.  Last few miles at 7:30 because it felt good. Crossfit after work: 10:00 AMRAP – 5xstanding presses, 5xsquats, 5xpush presses, 5xpush-ups.

Thursday:  Too hot to run outside, 5.5 easy-paced miles on the mill.  Strength Crossfit after work: 4 RFT: 5xdeadlifts (KB, 50), 6xpush-ups, 9xsquats (KB, 35). I’m ready to upgrade to the 50 pound kettle bell which feels awesome.

Friday: 6.5 miles total, 5×5:00 intervals, 2:00 rest.  3 at 7:30 pace, 2 at 8:00 pace.  On the treadmill because already 84 and humid at 6 am outside.  I’d be faster outside, but these paces got my heart rate to the appropriate levels. Crossfit after work: 7:00 AMRAP: 15xkettle-bell swings, 3xpush-ups. Strength: Weighted kettle-bell sit-ups (3×10).  This was my last crossfit (other than meta post long run) because I have a fitness test Monday. Wish me luck.

Saturday: 18 easy miles on the treadmill, thank you Bachelor in Paradise for getting me through.  You had me at hello.

No, seriously.  Hello.

Did a recovery strength bit in the afternoon to aid recovery.  3 rounds: 10xair squats, 10xpush-ups, 10xsit-ups

Sunday: 5 miles easy with 4x:20 sprints.  I had a tempo on my workout plan but because I had the fitness test early Monday morning (and they recommended a rest day) I just did an easy five keeping my heart rate in the fat barn zone (around 10:00).

Total: 47 miles, 4 CrossFit workouts

The hardest part of my afternoon will be carrying my new kettle bell through the store and to my car.

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  1. You have seriously been stringing together some awesome weeks of training with the mileage and crossfit too! Yay for new kettlebell- I found one on sale a few weeks ago and was excited because it’s 5lb heavier than the other one I have. Now I just need to find a good cheap medicine ball for at home!

    Hmmm I might have to try doing that recovery strength session a few times a week…seems so simple but I could see how effective that could be over time!

    1. Oof, I need a medicine ball too! I have to go to the gym to use one and they are awesome for wall-ball squats (but similarly terrible, if you know what I mean). I love the recovery crossfit – I literally never get sore from running any more (at least not my legs, I’m really sore from the fitness test yesterday in my core and arms).