Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.23.2013

Life got crazy last week at work – we’re relocating to a new campus, which is amazing and state-of-the-art, but the move, combined with the normal workload was huge. I deal with increased workloads in the gym (or in my running shoes, on my bike, in the pool, etc.) but that left very little time for anything else.

Correction – that leaves very little time for anything else, as this will continue into the next week. Basically, everyone should expect to see very little of me until July. In fact, make that until July 7, so I get a week to decompress. People never guess this about me, but I’m definitely an introvert at heart. I need my time alone to recharge. I think that’s what motivates my selection of sport(s). I love a good swim where I literally can’t hear or see anything or a trail run. It’s like a mental green room.

My running is still very limited – I don’t start training for the SoJo Marathon until mid-July, so I’m enjoying some multisport fun.


Sunday: 31 mile bike (from home to our new campus), arms strength training at night

Monday: 6 mile run, hills (9:20 pace). The hills around my home are wicked, but I decided to settle in and enjoy the challenge. I’m seeing the advantage of living where I do, instead of wishing for Kansas-like path nearby. Finished the night with some easy swimming (950 yards).

Tuesday: 5 miles, intervals (averaged 8:25 pace). After a 1 mile warm-up, started with 2 x 800 at 7:30 pace, 2 x 1200 at 8:00 pace, 1600 at 8:30 pace, 2400 8:45 pace, and finished with a 1 mile cool down. Nighttime easy cycling, 6 miles.

Wednesday: 20 mile bike

Thursday: 2.6 miles swimming

Friday: 10 miles, 8:39 pace, 1500 yards pm swimming

Saturday: Brick workout, bike emphasis. 30 miles on the bike, followed by 3.2 miles run (9:22 pace). Nothing feels more amazing than the end of a brick workout like that. I promptly settled myself on the couch after an ice bath, and didn’t move again until it was time for the dinner and the RSL game that night.

Run: 24 miles (not counting warm-up, cool-down mileage)
Bike: 87 miles
Swim: 3.95 miles

It feels pretty cool track swim numbers in miles instead of yards now! Pretty soon I’ll be racking double digits…

Or not. That’s a lot of chlorine.

Looking forward to the last week in June! I better start enjoying every second on this summer. It’s almost July!

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