Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.9.2014

Let the taper begin!  After my total downer of a training log last week, I was really expecting that this last week of hardcore training would be really tough.  But I approached things with a better attitude and found ways to make it fun (as you’ll see below), and I’m feeling good.  Ready for a taper, but good.

The runs:

Monday:  12 miler.  I approached this one carefully – kept my pace between 9:30-9:50 and felt strong after the run.  I’d really been dreading this one, so this was a big confidence boost for the week.

Tuesday: 8 miles, very very easy.  I took the term “recovery run” literally, and stuck to a 10 min pace.

Wednesday: 10 miles, averaging a 9:00 pace. This was really the first run in weeks that I actually enjoyed, and it felt good to get back out there.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 32 miles, 10:30 pace.  This run was not originally on my plan, but after the total slump that hit after my 31-miler a couple of weeks ago, we decided that I needed to know I could do these longer runs.  To make this run fun, I decided to live blog it, which meant that I wrote a sentence or two every mile of the run (you can read the post My Run, Live) for the final product.  This really made the run fun, and I can honestly say that this was the fastest five hours and forty minutes ever. Plus, the comments and tweets that rolled in totally kept me going.

Post-run, I felt good too.  I paid attention to hydration and re-fueling.

Saturday: 12 miles. I expected this run to be virtually impossible, but while it certainly wasn’t my best run ever, this wasn’t even close to as hard as the 4 miles I did post-31 miler a few weeks ago.  I’m definitely taking it easy the rest of today and tomorrow though.

This week was a huge confidence booster to me.  I know that 100k is a lot farther than I’ve ever run, but I feel like I might just be able to do it now.  I’m going to take this taper seriously (and use the extra time to catch up on school).

Hope your weekend (and weekend runs) are amazing!

Recovering ultrarunner, running to beat all the boys to the yard. I write about running, CrossFit, and feminism.

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  1. I didn’t know you’re vegan! Just found out via your blog and am so inspired. Its not always easy in places like Montana (where I live) and North Dakota. Loved your per mile blog posts, thanks for sharing!

  2. Holy sh!t! Sorry for the language, but you ran almost SIX HOURS on a treadmill!!! I have no doubt you can complete a 100k after that. :) The live blog idea is fun – thanks for sharing that. Very entertaining to read. Can’t wait for your big race – you are going to kill it!