Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.31.2013

So I didn’t run a lot last week.

And honestly, I thought my post today would be full of how refreshed and amazing I feel after a restful week.  But it’s not.  Instead, I feel, for lack of a better term, blah.  I can’t blame it all on running, as work is rather stressful right now and school is piling up because I was gone all last week – but I really wanted this rest week to be the impetus I needed for an amazing remainder of this training cycle.

Instead, I don’t feel like training at all.  My 9 miles this morning was for-real tough, and I thought I wasn’t going to make it 12 yesterday for my “easy” long run.  I used to eat 12 miles for breakfast. Or however that saying goes…

I’d blame the Easter bunny, but even he didn’t visit.  Maybe that’s the problem.  No Easter candy.

Last week, in runs:

Sunday: 6 miles, easy

Monday: 6 miles, easy

Tuesday: 6 miles, easy.  I ran around San Francisco.  This run was beautiful and I never wanted it to end.

Wednesday: 6 miles, easy.  Hotel treadmill.

Thursday: 6+ miles, ran from my hotel to the Golden Gate bridge.  Amazing run, and while I stopped running circa six miles, I still did a healthy bit of walking this day too.

Friday: Off.  A little sore from the San Fran hills the day before.

Saturday: 12 miles, treadmill.  Felt. Like. Death.

Total: 42 miles

Now I just need to get my mojo back.  Any suggestions?

Does a rest week (or day) ever do the opposite for your running?

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