Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.23.2014

6 days until race day, and it’s safe to say that I am freaking out.  Completely freaking out, (wo)man.  I know part of this is just the taper, but a part of me really doesn’t think that I trained enough to run 62 miles.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything crazy like put in some extra training runs.  I am going to need every ounce of rest to be ready come Saturday morning.  I’m also worried that I won’t bring enough food, will bring the wrong food, will wear too many layers, will get cold, will get frostbite… You get it.  Bottom line, I’m hoping that by this time next week I am the happy owner of whatever finishing prize END-Racing has promised to those who complete the 100k.

My runs this week varied between beyond awesome and miserable.  I was able to run outdoor Monday-Wednesday which was quite simply, awesome, and then we got a winter storm Thursday night that brought us back to the stone age.  I just realized as I am typing that the Game of Thrones is coming true.  Spring isn’t coming because it is now Winter. In fairness, I’ve never watched the show and have only listened to the first part of the first book as a long run companion, so I might have a complete misunderstanding of what “winter is coming” means.  Anyway, Monday and Wednesday I was like fast, even for being outside versus on the treadmill.  And then Wednesday, I may have underdressed for the weather (I ran in capris, what?) and it was crazy hard to maintain even a 9 minute pace.  My last mile was the longest mile I’ve ever run.  This not an exaggeration.  My legs were dead and I can’t help but think this doesn’t bode well for the ultra marathon where I’ll have to run.  By Friday I was starting to feel okay again, but the 10 miles didn’t exactly fly by, and then Saturday the 5 miles were fast (and on the treadmill too, which means even faster).  Bottom line, if I was trying to predict race performance from my tapering runs (which is always a bad idea), I’d seriously have no clue.

The runs:

Sunday: Rest day (second one of two, I think two rest days in a row is not good for me mentally or physically)

Monday: 8 miles, 9:00 pace (outside)

Tuesday: 6 miles, 8:30 pace (outside)

Wednesday: 8 miles, 10:00 pace (outside)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 10 miles, 10:00 pace (treadmill)

Saturday: 5 miles, 8:00 pace (treadmill)

Totals: 37 miles

Another week of tapering and incredibly low mileage starts today.  I’m definitely going to focus on the rest and hopefully rehabbing some lingering aches and pains.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend (or week, whenever you are reading this).

Ultrarunner, yoga teacher, academic, and feminist. I write about ultrarunning, feminism, and the intersection of running and life.

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  1. Woo hoo – SIX days! Or is it 5 now? Very exciting. Trust in your training – you’ve worked really hard and have had a strong season – you are going to rock it! BTW – I never feel good during my taper – particularly a week out. It usually takes until the day or 2 before my race that I start feeling a little more fresh. Can’t wait to hear that you knocked one out the park!

    1. I’m at 5 days and counting now! I am definitely excited too, but nervous. It’s crazy that even though I’ve been tapering for “years” I still have the same insecurities and fears. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence – I know I’ll need it come race day!