Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.2.2014

I’m 31!  I’m sure I should be saying that I turned 29 again or whatever, but I’m really enjoying my thirties.  They started off a little rough and I wouldn’t want to repeat the first six months of 30, but things are certainly looking up.

That’s on the life side. On the running side, I’m suffering from a case of the motivation blues.  I even found myself saying “I can’t wait until the taper.” And I meant it.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much like running and not running at the same time.  I think part of it has to be that I’m doing the bulk of this training on the treadmill.  I’d almost run out of things to watch to get me through each run until I remembered that I’d saved the newest season of Sherlock.  That literally saved this training week, but I’m not sure how I’ll make it through my long run next weekend.

The runs:

Sunday: Rest (but I was on my feet all day, handing out flyers.  Not my best move)

Monday: 9 miles, run around the indoor track like a hamster on a wheel.  I had the new Rich Roll podcast though and these miles flew by. In retrospect, my best run of the week.

Tuesday: 7 long miserable miles.

Wednesday: 10 more miserable miles (note, my body is fine.  This is all in my head.)

Thursday: Rest.  I took this rest day seriously and even kept my legs mostly elevated.

Friday: 16 miles, easy pace.  It was a mental challenge to get to the gym, let alone run these.  Like before, my body is fine.  I just don’t want to be there.  I feel like I’m losing the love, folks.

Saturday: 12 miles, easy pace.  This run was marginally better than Friday’s, but I’m still having to convince myself to get to gym and once I’m there, I can’t wait to be done.

Week: 54 miles.

This was a recovery week from the 31, and it bums me out that it was still so hard.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s definitely mental and not physical.  Although I’m not 100% happy with my weight, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  All whining aside, I can see how my fitness is giant leaps ahead of where it was even six months ago.  I even found myself saying ridiculous things like “only 16 miles” when someone asked me how much I’d be running on Friday.  In my very humble opinion, there is no such thing as only 16 miles.

I have one more hard training week, and I don’t want to slog through it.  Any tips?

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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  1. Nice work, girl. And yes, embrace your 30s. I loved mine. Way better than 20s. 🙂 Also, don’t worry about this week feeling hard. It is supposed to feel hard. You had a seriously hard peak week (ahem *bad ass week*) last week!! Embrace the entire process of the taper, not just the concept. Trust in it. It will serve you well. Rest, recover, lighten the load and get ready for light legs on race day. You’ve got this.

    1. Thank you! I really really feel ready for the taped – I just wish it was this week instead of next! I guess I need to do some positive talk over here too, right Cinnamon? 😉

  2. Happy birthday! I agree with Mint to just embrace the taper. You have put in so much work and it’s almost time for you to back off a bit and enjoy that break.

    (Sidenote: have you watched Nashville? If you’re okay with trashy/soapy, it would be a great treadmill watching show.)

    1. Thank you – and I’ll definitely check that out! I do like trashy… 🙂 I am so ready for a taper it’s crazy. I almost feel like I’m not a real ultra runner.