Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.22.2015

Salty had some wise word for me today (and has had wise words for me always): “Out of “failure” springs success!”

And that has definitely been the theme for the last couple of days.  Making the decision to postpone the run until 2016 was an incredibly difficult decision, and while I still would have loved to run this summer, it was the right one.  I can’t make any official announcements yet, but I anticipate that a coaching announcement will be coming soon (that is HUGE news). It also means that we have over a year to put a solid marketing and awareness plan into place, which will begin with some name/website changes to reinforce that this run is, first and foremost, for sexual violence awareness. Helping me with this plan will be a team of people that are way more talented and knowledgeable in the working of marketing, business, and fundraising than I am.

In training news, I stepped back this last week, which was must needed.  I still got a few solid runs in, however, and won’t be taking the foot off of the gas pedal too much as I have a 100-mile race in April (still looking for a pacer or two in the Minneapolis/Rochester area)!

The workouts:

Monday: 60 minutes, elliptical

Tuesday: 15 fairly hard treadmill miles (my legs felt like lead)

Wednesday: 7 seemingly impossible treadmill miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles, 60 minutes elliptical; arm strength training

Sunday: 20 miles, broken into two runs of 15 and 5

Total: 47 miles

If it wasn’t clear to me before, it definitely was reinforced this week that so much of ultra training is mental.  Making the decision to postpone the run was tough and that was reflected in the quality of my runs.  Those extra rest days were definitely needed.  I’m looking forward to another easier week of training and then getting back on track for some 100M training!

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