Cilantro’s Training Log – 10.13.2013

Did you know it’s 10.13.2013? This isย  almost like 20.13.2013, which would be a repeat of the year twice.

Mind. Blown.

It must be significant of something, so I have decided to celebrate by getting a running tattoo.

Seriously. If you read my training logs (or accidentally read this far when you receive this post via email like all good Salty Readers should), I’m wondering what sort of running tattoos are out there. Do you have a running tattoo? Have you seen a cool one?

If you’re wondering why I’m in such a good mood, it’s because I had an epic week of running. There was a point this summer where I seriously thought I’d never run again. I even told people, “I don’t think I’ll ever race again.” But those people must know me better than I know myself, because they all just patted me on my head (they were all very tall people or I am very short) and told me that I’d have decided on my next marathon before Halloween.

I usually hate it when I am wrong and someone else is right, but in this situation, I’ll take it. Running is the best, (wo)man. The best.

Weekly stats:

Sunday: 7 miles, tempo run (average pace – 8:48 – and this was fast for me and after a redeye flight). Hoorah!

Monday: 35 min elliptical (ancient torture device), whole body weight circuit

Tuesday: 9 miles, 1:24 (longest run since I “quit” running)

Wednesday: 6 miles, easy and 30 minutes yoga (note: I did crow pose!)

Thursday: 45 mn elliptical (easy)

Friday: 6 miles, hill workout (I ran back and forth over an overpass – ouch!)

Saturday: Off, but got a horrible haircut. Bummed, but at least running doesn’t care how my hair looks.

Total: 28 miles

Tell me about your running tattoos!

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