Cilantro’s Training Log – 1.20.2013

Sometimes I wonder…

Does anyone read my training logs?  I mean, I READ them, of course, but does anyone else?

No matter.  I like the accountability of keeping a training log. Period.

Here’s the weekly rundown:

Sunday: 6 miles, easy

Monday: 10 miles; 3 mile warm-up, 6 miles speed intervals (4 at 6.0, 2 at 7.5), 1 miles cool-down

Tuesday:  4 miles, walking.  MAN, I hate rest days.

Wednesday: 12 miles, for fun.

Thursday: 10 miles; 3 mile warm-up, 6 miles hills, 1 mile cool-down

Friday: Cross-train (60 minutes, elliptical)

Saturday: 17 miles, long run.  I took walk breaks for the first time since I trained for the SLC marathon last year, and my endurance and speed was 100% better!  Guess I should take my own advice and use walk-breaks.  Consumed: Pack of Shot Bloks and a Zing bar.

Total miles: 59

Windermere training starts today!  Can’t wait!

Ultrarunner, yoga teacher, academic, and feminist. I write about ultrarunning, feminism, and the intersection of running and life.

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