Cilantro’s Training Log – 1.19.2014

Another week, another training log, another blizzard in NoDak.

Luckily, it’s nice and warm on the treadmill!  Good things, because that’s where I logged all of my mileage for the last week. This was my recovery week, so mileage was a little lower, which I really needed.  I also started paying more attention to my warmup and found that it made the rest of the run much easier.  I guess my high school track coach did know something. Okay, she knew a lot and I was just an obnoxious high schooler.

Weekly stats:

Sunday: Rest day.  I did clean my entire apartment, which may sound like a lot until you learn that I live in a student apartment that is roughly 1/4 the size of my former apartment.  Took me two hours and I even cleaned the bathtub.

Monday: 10 miles, 9 mn mile pace

Tuesday: 7 miles, easy

Wednesday: 8 miles with speed intervals

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 14 miles.  I get bored on these runs, so I do 10 minute intervals where I increase the speed by .1 every five minute, drop back for five minutes and repeat.

Saturday: 14 miles with walk breaks.  I took it easy on this run, and took regular walk breaks.

Totals: 53 miles

Next week, my mileage starts to ramp up again.  I will be unable to run on Saturday, so I’ll need to mix up my schedule a little bit.  I’m wondering what the best way to do that would be?  I normally run Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday.  Should I take an early rest day this week so I run Mon-Tue, rest Wednesday, and then do my long run on Thursday with a second mid-range run Friday?  Follow my training plan as normal and just skip Saturday’s run?

Decisions, decisions…  Any help?

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  1. Coriander Coriander says:

    Skip Saturday and run easy Sunday if you can. I know how it is to feel the need to run back-to-backs each week and run high mileage, but it really really sucks to be overtrained and burnt out during an ultra.

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