Chive’s Training Log – 9.25.16

9/12: 9.5mi–easy, with C.

After the Lone Gull 10k. Beautiful day, but I felt pretty terrible.

9/13: 9mi Track–12x400m. I did these in two sets of 6, taking 60s jog between reps and 400m jog between sets. The first set was 86-87 and the second set was around 85. I didn’t feel very in control of the pace. It didn’t feel extremely difficult but the times seemed to fluctuate a decent amount without me feeling like I could do anything about it. My left hamstring got messed up from this too.

9/13 PM: 3mi easy

9/14: 8mi easy, solo. Felt fine but my hamstring hurt.

9/15 AM: 5mi–easy, with C. Concerned that my hamstring still felt messed up from those silly 400s.

9/15 PM: 2.5mi–easy, solo.

9/16: 8.5mi–Reach the Beach Relay (first leg: 6.8mi).

In NH for a 203 mile relay with a team of 11 former college teammates and friends. This leg took place around 7pm. It was completely dark by about 10min in and I wore a headlamp and reflective vest. I covered this somewhat hilly route at about 6:22 pace, and finished feeling not too exhausted, though a bit worried about how my hamstring would hold up.

9/17: 9mi–Reach the Beach (second leg: 8.5mi).

4am. Kind of a cool experience running in the dark on rural roads. I passed a lot of people on this leg who were going quite slowly or walking. This leg was brutally hilly, and I covered it in about 6:50 pace. My hamstrings and quads felt absolutely shot after this, especially my slightly injured left hamstring, and I worried about being able to complete the third leg.

9/17: 4.5mi–Reach the Beach (third leg: 4.1mi).

I did a lot of rolling and brief spurts of light jogging between second and third leg and the soreness mostly abated, to be replaced by general exhaustion and crappy feeling. My third leg was around 1pm, fairly flat, and covered in 6:42 pace. Very glad to be done. Climbing into the van after was a challenge. We were the first women’s team! More on this later…

9/18: 1mi–easy, around the block with best friend C. Very sore, mostly hamstrings and quads. We could barely run so it was kind of funny.

Total: 60mi


9/19 AM: 4mi–easy, very sore.

9/19 PM: 3mi–easy, feeling somewhat less sore.

9/20: 7mi–easy, with C and C. Felt pretty good, almost recovered, but it turned out we were running like 8:45 pace, which was a lot slower than I would have guessed, so I was probably still pretty wiped out.

9/21: 10mi–easy, mostly with C and C. Felt nearly recovered but we still ran a slower pace than I thought.

9/22 AM: 9mi Track–2×1000, 2×800, 2×600. C ran me to the track and watched/cheered/took splits. I took 75sec jog between everything. Aimed to start around 6:15 pace for the 1000s and work down to 6:00 pace by the end. Hit all the times I wanted to, and while the workout was not amazing (nor was it intended to be), I felt much more recovered from Reach the Beach than I’d imagined I would feel on Monday and Tuesday.

3:52, 3:52

3:03, 3:02

2:14, 2:14

9/22 PM: 3mi–easy, good. Felt a sore throat coming on.

9/23 AM: 8mi–easy with C. Felt good at the beginning but my legs were starting to be pretty tired by the end. I was not feeling great, getting a cold, so I bailed on my planned 3mi in the afternoon.

9/24: 7mi–easy with C and C. I felt good enough on the run but tired and crappy the rest of the day.

9/25: Lone Gull 10k (11.5mi). 40:05 or something like that, with splits of 6:18, 6:31, 6:21, 6:31, 6:25, 6:31, 1:xx. I was barely able to sleep the night before due to my cold, I actually woke up once every hour or maybe more. Head and neck hurt a lot when I woke up but I didn’t have a fever and C convinced me (though he really wanted to get back in bed) that I would regret it if I didn’t even try. I agree with that, and I’m glad I gave it a try, but that’s about the only thing I’m glad about. The race felt semi-regular race-hard–except that it was 10+ seconds/mile slower than I would hope to run under normal circumstances so hearing the splits was unpleasant. Bad timing on this one, that I was sick and a week after Reach the Beach. I’m going to try not to worry about this one and recover from the cold as soon as possible.


Total: 62.5mi
A lower mileage 2 weeks, with Reach the Beach, recovery from Reach the Beach, a cold, and another race. I’m hoping to be totally recovered soon and back to some more intense training for a long block with no races. Though I was pretty pleased with where my fitness seemed to be at Reach the Beach, the sickness and the very slow 10k left me mulling over some Big Doubts about my training.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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