Chive’s Training Log – 10.16.16

This was a fairly eventful week in my running life, including my first day off from running since June and my Biggest Workout of the training cycle. Overall, I came through it pretty much fine, though I am starting to feel a bit run-down from all the miles. I also don’t think the day off made me feel all that recovered because my mileage all the other days was still as high as an 80 mile week (minus one day).

Mondayย AM, 10.5mi easy: met a friend and ran on the Charles. Felt good.

Monday PM, 2.5mi easy: legs fine, stomach off.

Tuesday, 9mi with 200s: went for about 5 or 6mi with C, then stopped at the track and did 8x200m in around 42s with 45s jog between. Felt pretty good and was glad these didn’t bother my hamstring.

Wednesday, OFF.

Thursday AM, 9mi easy. With C. I felt fine, but not as good as I thought I should feel after a day off. That always happens…

Thursday PM, 3mi easy. Solo, ended and bought some vegetables.

Friday AM, 8mi easy. With C. Felt good, but thought we were going faster than we were.

Friday PM, 3.5mi easy. Solo. Legs didn’t feel that great.

Post-workout chocolate milk and fun socks.

Saturday, 6.5mi easy. With C and C. Did a bunch of loops and it felt really long. 4 strides after.

Sunday, 17mi Workout: 4-3-2-1. Started off with C and C, about 2.5mi up to the path. Did a couple of light strides and went into 4mi at about 6:35 average. This part felt very good. C also did that first tempo with us then she split off, and it was just [other] C and me for the rest. About 0.5mi jogging into 3mi: first mile was 6:22, which felt good, but then we hit some serious wind, a bunch of sharp turns, and bike path traffic, resulting in the next 2 miles 6:34, 6:30. Disheartening, and I was starting to get pretty tired. Jogged about 0.5mi over to the track and did 2mi (actually 3200m) at 6:19 pace, 4min break with some jogging, and finally a 6:08 to finish it off. The second half of the workout felt pretty rough. Last year when I did it I felt like I was able to tap into an extra gear and finished the last mile with an 89s 400. No such luck this time. Best thing to do is probably just not compare it to last year.

I am a runner based in Boston. I am also an AmeriCorps member and soon-to-be grad student. I like to write about gender disparities in running and the mental aspects of training and racing.

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  1. Totally agree โ€” after an off day I never feel as good as I think I will! That long run workout sounds tough and I think you’re right that it does no good to compare it to last year. There are just way too many variables. And remember, a training cycle isn’t just one single workout (even when it feels that way) … it’s the culmination of the work day after day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Interesting thoughts about the day off. For the last two marathon cycles, I’ve done 6 days of running and a Sunday rest day, with the mileage spread through out the other days and it’s worked well for me. Though I’m maxing out lower than you (and slower!) – around 60-65 miles. It’s actually the mental part I find harder – I hate not running!