Chicory’s Training Log – 11.27.16

img_9194A solid week with more running than I was supposed to do AND a race win!

Monday: 18 minutes of Jasyoga in the morning; my plan was to run after work just a little bit and be done for the day. Phone call at 7:30 a.m. to see if I could sub Pilates that night. Squeezed in 4 miles before the class, faster than expected and an accidental progression: 7:32, 7:19, 7:14, 6:58; 29 minutes total. Whoops. Taught the advanced Pilates crew after that.

Tuesday: 6 miles, 46 minutes. Came home midday because we were having new floors installed. Again faster than expected and I hoped the springier legs boded well for Thursday’s Turkey Trot. Also only the second time I had done more than 4 since the marathon.

Wednesday: 4 miles, 32 minutes, because racing Thursday and because I had done two “longer” runs in three days and run every day since Saturday. Taught Pilates after that.

Thursday: Race day! See race report below. Summary: 6 miles total, 2 w/u and 1 c/d, 5k-ish race, 20:04 (long course, 3.18 every year) and first female.

Friday: 6 miles, 52 minutes, early with my besties. Good day to #optoutside (thanks REI), although much colder than Thursday. Relaxed recovery miles. Jasyoga later.

Saturday: 10 miles, 1:20, early again. 4 miles with a friend and the rest solo. Easy mileage and the first time back in double-digits since the marathon.

Sunday: 4 miles, 32 minutes, listening to a Rich Roll podcast. I don’t usually listen to anything when I run but it’s a nice diversion that I save for Sunday easy runs — in part because I have podcasts saved up and no time to listen to them! Jasyoga after.

Totals: 40.4 miles run, 3 hours Pilates and yoga (2 Pilates classes taught, 3 at-home yoga sessions).

Mini Race Report: Anchorage Turkey Trot

This is the third year I’ve run the Anchorage Turkey Trot — super small and low-key. No chip timing, no recorded results. I like the course and the atmosphere, and the price, and it’s totally fine that the course is always long (3.18 consistently) and that there isn’t much in the way of prizes.

I usually hate how late holiday races start but we were out late the night before, and it gave me time to do a load of laundry and prep Brussels sprouts before I left. I arrived about 45 minutes before the race start because I was bored.

There were a few people I knew at the race, but I didn’t see any girls that I thought would be a problem.

Once the race finally started, I successfully dodged all the small human obstacles. Three girls went out ahead of me, all young, and one wearing pajama pants. Within a half mile the kids had all fallen back and I caught those three girls and moved ahead.

I was happy and maybe a bit surprised to be settling into a comfortable rhythm early on. I felt loose and relaxed — a good sign. This race has a small climb early, then a bigger one close to the 1 mile mark, then a big one that you hit twice on the out-and-back section.

The first two hills were no problem and I was still catching guys who had gone out too fast.

Mile 1, 6:26. Right where I wanted to be and feeling good. I remembered how short 5ks are.

At about 1.25, there’s a sharp left then a sharp right onto the trail. Also the first 200m or so are brick. It rained the night before and the bricks are generally in the shade and a little mossy — aka super-slick. I managed to not bust my face, and the photog around there said I was in 9th. It was a nice but not terribly useful stat because there were people ahead of me running the 10k, and because I was first female which was my main interest. But hey, thanks! (And maybe they’ll actually post the photos this year.)

Up the big hill, trailing a few guys. Once on the trail there were people just out walking so I made sure to not run anyone over. Down the hill, across a bridge, past two deer.

Mile 2 split, 6:19, right as you come around the loop and start to head back. This is the only net downhill mile so not surprised it was a little faster. Starting to feel the burn, though. Telling myself to focus and press, even though I’m pretty certain there aren’t any girls close. Never looked, though. My HR was in the 180s and I knew I could maintain that for another mile. But no kicking until I was back up the hill!

Back down the hill, rolling fine, definitely pushing but not in red-line territory. And I never quite got there because the brick section was so slick that I couldn’t really kick!

Mile 3, 6:23. Faster than mile 1, and mile 2 was fastest — very unusual!

Since this race has been exactly 8/10ths long both of the past years, I went ahead and force-lapped my watch at 3.1 — 19:50. Official time 20:04. First female and maybe 7th overall — they don’t record or post results, but I think at least two guys kept going for the 10k second lap.

I received a legit finisher’s hat, a plaque and two $5 Taco Bell gift cards that my 15-year-old sister was delighted to have. (They let us pick from the YUM! brands — Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. This made me laugh because the trail we raced on was built with funds from the Papa John’s founder!)

Easy mile cool down, Hammer Recoverite, warmer clothes, then home to make Brussels sprouts. The race to get the Brussels sprouts ready, shower, dry hair and put on makeup was probably every bit as hard as the race (but accomplished in 1 hour!).



Started running in my early 20s and ended up running my first marathon 15 months later. Managed to break 3 hours in my 12th marathon. Pilates instructor passionate about the importance of your powerhouse in running and the mind/body connection. One husband, zero kids, mama to one Australian Shepherd.

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  1. In college, I won our swim team’s “Taco Challenge” where I ate THIRTEEN Taco Bell tacos. Guess what I can’t eat anymore now?!

    Congrats on the win!!