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Today is National Running Day and while the most obvious way to celebrate this day would be to step outside for a run, we suspect that, like us, most of you were planning to do that anyway!

We at Salty Running are celebrating by sharing our running goals with each other.  Goals not only give us something concrete to work toward, they keep us accountable with our running and foster a sense of community.  Celebrate National Running Day with us by signing up for your next (or first) race.  And The Salty Bloggers come from all over the USA, maybe even near you.  So see if you can’t spot one of us at one of our races!

Salty is back! Back to training, that is.  She says: “My first race back will be a local competitive 5-miler in mid-July. My goal is to run my best, whatever that is. Time goals right now are pointless. But by October, I’m racing my goal race for the year: a 10k. My stretch goal is to run faster than my age.  We’ll see what shape I’m in closer to the race before I make any firm time goals, though.”  Sage perspective and we can’t wait to see how those races go!

Coriander is going long, with the Mohican Trail 100 June 15-16! From Coriander: “It’s all on some of the toughest trails Ohio has to offer. The race was my first 50 miler last year and I’m beyond excited for it to be my first 100! My goals are to finish under the 32-hour cutoff and to do so with a smile on my face!

Cilantro (that’s me!), is dedicating her training for a BQ at the SoJo Marathon on October 19. My goal is to train smart, so I’ve found a coach, and I’m going to listen to him. I have faith that I’ll qualify for Boston this year, and SoJo is where I’m going to do it (3:35). For a tune-up race, I’m running the Mt. Nebo Half on September 7, and hoping for a 1:45 PR! Also, since the triathlon bug has officially bitten, I might try a few sprints over the next few weeks, starting with the Shark Attack Tri on June 15!

Mint is running the Columbus Marathon! Her goals is to knock it out of the park with a 3:20 time!

Vanilla has a few races coming up, including the Kansas 70.3. Vanilla’s goal is to finish in under 6 hours with a half marathon between 1:45-1:47. She’s also running the West End 3k on June 5th as a part of a series thru downtown Boulder over the summer which kicks off with the 3k, includes a mile race in July and concludes with a 2k in August. Her goal is to run a sub 7:00. Go Vanilla!

Ginkgo has a few races slated, starting with the Columbus 10k on June 9th (that’s soon)! She’ll follow that up with the Emerald City Quarter Marathon in August followed by the Cubs nationwide half-marathon in October (hopefully breaking into the 1:28s).

Clove says she isn’t racing, but her running- and spectating schedule seems pretty packed to me! From Clove: I’m still in limbo with treatments, so floating around feeling a bit “goal-less,” but grateful every day that I’m healthy and able to run. Right now, I’m looking forward to crewing DB at the Mohican 50-miler, as well as seeing so many of my friends out there, including Coriander on her first 100-mile journey! After that I’ll be pacing the Gary Bjorklund Half-Marathon in Minnesota, followed by the big event of my summer, serving as crew chief for DB in his first Badwater 135, which he’ll finish on his 50th birthday. A bit of a caveat here: I’m playing around with the idea of a slightly out-of-shape Burning River if I am not pregnant at the end of this cycle of treatments. It’s not a given, but the idea has certainly crept in. So the spirit of the raccoon-hunting Clove lives on…” Here’s hoping Burning River is out of the picture, if you know what I mean!

Licorice isn’t signing up for any major races other than a 5k or two (or three or four) right now, but that’s because she’s in the midst of a 9-month marathon, her first pregnancy! That’s a pretty epic race, and we’re excited for that finish!

Espresso continues to inspire with a 50k in the works for July! She’s also considering running the Estes Park Marathon on June 16 as a training run. Her fall is packed St George, Chicago, NYC – and numerous training half-marathons. But for the summer she’ll continue healing to be ready for the fall racing season!

And from our newest Salty, Cayenne: “I have the Helvetia Half-Marathon in Portland on June 8. My only goal is to nail my pacing since it has been really off the last couple of months. As long as I can run a negative split I will be happy. The course is fairly challenging with lots of rolling hills so it won’t be a PR attempt. It was the one race back in 2011 where I had my “ah ha” moment and really fell in love with the half marathon distance. I hope to rekindle that love this weekend.”  We do too! You got this!

And last, but definitely not least, Cinnamon has a lofty goal that I’m all too familiar with! In her own words, “My next great challenge as a runner is to get faster. I’m shooting for the moon this fall, meaning training for a 3:35:00 marathon time, and whether that qualifies me for Boston or not, it will be a huge milestone for someone who grew up as “the fat kid.” In the meantime I may be running the my first Ragnar Relay in Ontario with the HBO team in a couple weeks, I have a few shorter races coming up with my team, and I’m excited to push my pace there and chase down a sub-24 5k PR.” I’m pretty sure her dedication and hard-work will pay off!

That’s a pretty stacked list, and the summer’s just starting!

How about you? Where are you racing next?

Joining a Salty at any of our upcoming races?

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  1. I started training for a half Aug 2011 and in Nov 2011, just 3 weeks from completing the training, I found out I was pregnant with our first. So after a bit of a rough pregnancy, including mild bedrest and going overdue, I’m back to training again. Before, I was just starting to be able to run 5ks straight with no walk breaks. I’m back to basics again. I do have my first 10k next Saturday morning with a night 5k that evening. ANd my first half marathon to follow in Sept.

  2. I have 3, 10km races this summer/fall, followed up by my first half marathon in October. This is the test drive for training for a spring 2014 marathon (balancing life/running/etc…) so I’m stoked!

    1. It’s coming! I hoe that my experience is vastly different from yours!

      Thoughts about joining me at the Mt. Nebo half? I promise there are other reasons to come to Utah (Park City, some brewery’s, City Creek shopping, my favorite yoga place…). Book it, lady! :)

  3. Akron Half! I’ve heard it’s hilly, but I train in Pittsburgh, and just ran the Pgh Marathon as my first. So, I’m skeptical of Ohio “hills”. I know there are lots of Ohio bloggers here – anyone have insight on Akron’s hills versus Pgh’s hills?

  4. I have two things on the books: the Rochester Women’s Race (4 miles) in July and the Rochester 1/2 Marathon in August. I haven’t run the Women’s Race since 2008, when my older daughter was a baby, and am really looking forward to it. For the 1/2, I’m hoping to take off 3 minutes from what I just ran over Memorial Day weekend. I think 3 minutes is a reasonable amount for 12 weeks? I’ll have more miles and speedwork, but it’ll be 30 degrees hotter and humid as heck so who knows.

    I am debating trying to run an October marathon. I’m looking at smaller marathons that wouldn’t requiring registration until taper so that I can make sure I’m not injured.

    1. Good luck!

      I’m trying a smaller marathon too – just as much for the close to home atmosphere too. I want to be able to run the course weekly and have everyone I know there!

  5. I was supposed to race this weekend but have a nagging pain so I’m skipping it :(. Next race will either be the Santa Rosa marathon or the San Jose half depending on how my training goes.

    1. Way to listen to your body! I’m not good at that, and a race always makes it worse! Good luck on your future races!

  6. Well, I’m not quite aspiring to such lofty heights as some of you guys with marathons and 100 milers but I’m getting closer to the 10kers with my first 7k this Sunday.
    Actually, it’s only my second race (read ‘fun’run’) since I started running earlier this year!
    I ran in a 4k last weekend. I did a sub 40 minute 4k which for me was good! As my main aim in running is to lose weight and hopefully compete in an adventure race next March, then you’ll see I’m only at the very beginning of my running career.
    I only run on alternate days and this was a rest day, so I didn’t run on National Running Day! But then again, I am in Thailand and it was NRD here. Is there an International Running Day?…

    1. We all start somewhere, and it sounds like your running and racing is going well! My first 5k was over 30 minutes, and I thought I would never run again at the end!

      Good luck on your race!