Cayenne’s Training Log 1.29.17

Marathon Training Week 4 

Mindless carb loading

Monday: Run

6 miles (7:58)

light arms, abs

Tuesday: Speed

a.m. 1.2 mile warm up, 7 X 1000 (3:53, 3:53, 3:53, 3:56, 3:56, 3:59, 3:56), 1.2 mile cool down

This was my first outdoor track workout in quite awhile. It was a far cry from the 3:45-47’s I did this past summer when I did this same workout. My body did not feel ready for this, maybe because my speed work hasn’t been long or consistent lately. It was also cold and windy. I crashed a little on the second lap each time. I was only going out at 1:29-1:30’s, which used to feel easy. I decided to go out slower on one, that one ended up being 3:59 …guess that didn’t work! I will keep working to develop speed and also not crash half way in each time. At least I did the required mileage/work with a friend. It was a tough workout.

p.m. 3 easy miles-treadmill

push ups, planks

Wednesday: Easy Run

9 miles (8:03)

This felt about as “easy” as my 7:30 pace steady runs. As in I had to push it. Eek.


Thursday: Tempo

7 miles (7:23)

The run on my schedule said to alternate between a 7 and 8 minute pace. This is probably the easiest tempo run on the schedule. It felt easy apart from the wind/snow pelting my face during the last two miles! Splits were 7:40, 6:58, 7:42, 6:56, 7:39, 6:48, 7:48.

p.m. 3 easy miles-treadmill

legs, light arms, abs

Friday:  Strength

arms, abs

I ran extra mileage on the other days so I could have a day off from running.

Saturday: Easy Run

8 miles (7:56 pace)

I tried to keep it easy since a hard pace long run was on the schedule the next day.

Sunday:  Long Run (with some pace miles)

16 miles (7:32 pace)

0.5 mile jog back cool down

This was a great run with some strong runners. We did a very hilly course for the first 8 miles. When it flattened out I added some pace miles and did the last 5 quicker. The last one was 6:38 and I felt pretty good. Why are long/tempo runs not so bad yet speed work is horrendous?! Guess I am a distance runner!

Total miles: 60ish

This was a solid week. I have been more vigilant about stretching/rolling/strengthening/etc and my foot seems better.

I am a dedicated runner and classical musician. I am currently chasing a sub-3 hour marathon (3:00:38 PR). I often feel like the underdog going up against "serious" runners-I took up running after college, I do not have a typical "runner's body type", and I am mostly self-coached. I travel a lot to perform with different orchestras and run when I can, where I can. I love to (over) eat and that is my number one motivation for running! Follow me as I chase my goals!

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  1. great week of training! Those paces are still great and will come down more as you get back into things too. I know it’s hard not to compare where we were doing things before but different season and training!

    As for the speed vs. the tempo/progression- definitely a testament to being a distance runner! BUT I would also say I found that adding in strides after 2 runs a week really helped me work on turnover. I saw less of a disparity between my speedwork and long/progression.tempo runs that way

    1. I agree-I was just thinking of how I need to add in strides during my easy runs this past week. It does seem to help leg turnover. And I am secretly hoping my legs will grow some fast twitch muscles at age 36!