Catnip’s training log – week ending 6/15/14

After a pretty good result at last week’s Columbus 10k and 5 weeks in a row comfortably running 50 miles, I decided I was ready to bump the mileage up a bit. Other than some digestive issues (I suspect some sort of food intolerance has popped up since giving birth…) and sleep deprivation, I felt great! I’m starting to seriously look at my options for fall and feel like a marathon might be a real possibility.

Monday: 3.5 miles/32:00 in the morning, 7 miles/1:01:45 in the evening. I didn’t write any notes in my log and I don’t remember anything about these runs.

Tuesday: 8.3/1:14:12. Jaby got his 4-month shots Monday and the fever and fussiness arrived late Monday night. He was so sad! Of course I work at 7:30 am on Tuesdays so this was a rough day for all of us.

Wednesday: 5.3 miles/47:50. Another night with multiple wakeups.

Thursday: 3.3 miles/30:00 morning, 7 miles/50:20 evening. Aimed for 20 minutes tempo in the evening, but after 20 minutes my legs were really comfortable so after a quick restroom break I continued on for 5 miles at 6:27 pace!

Friday: 6.6 miles/55:30.

Saturday: 9+ miles/1:18. Planned to run 12+ but my belly was upset so just cut my losses.

Sunday: 12 miles/1:36:58. Long run redemption! Felt pretty good despite not eating much Saturday. Pace was much faster than my typical runs, though I felt like I was taking it easy.

Total: 62 miles. Biggest week since last August at 18 weeks pregnant.

I'm a 20-year veteran of competitive running, USATF certified coach, mom of a toddler -- and still trying to set PRs. I write about training from 5k to marathon, motherhood and competitive running, and the elite side of the sport. The 5k is my favorite race (16:56 PR) but I've got a score to settle with the marathon.

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