Catnip’s training log – week ending 2/1/2015

Jaby is 1!
Jaby is 1!

First, happy first birthday to baby Jaby!

This was a milestone week for me — highest mileage since I got pregnant realized I was pregnant! And my 5th week in a row over 70 miles. Like many runners, I schedule a “down week” after 3-4 higher mileage weeks, but I haven’t yet done that because I am getting the feeling that 70 miles is not too much of a physical challenge right now. Scheduling those miles, however, is a different story and is not likely to change! I’m embracing the treadmill and learning to be okay with finishing a run at what used to be my bedtime. I owe you all a post on changes I’ve made/noticed since having a baby, but for now here’s just a snippet of my running week.

About 30% of my shoe collection has settled near the treadmill.
About 30% of my shoe collection has settled near the treadmill.

Monday: 4 miles @ 8:38 pace in the morning (late work start due to snow!) and 6.2 @ 8:37 in the evening.

Tuesday: 8.4 @ 7:11 overall average including 5.5 mi tempo averaging 6:26 pace. Pace was manageable but had to stop for the restroom twice.

Wednesday: 7.9 @ 8:33 average in the morning, 4.5 @ 8:39 in the evening. Also squeezed in a 75 minute yoga class and did a HANDSTAND!

Thursday: 7.7 @ 8:34 pace.

Friday: 8.7 @ 8:56 average. Started at 0% incline and bumped up incline every 5:00 to 5% eventually (55:00 total of hills). The rest at 1% – felt downhill! 3.8 miles @ 8:32 pace in the evening.

Saturday: 16.2 miles @ 8:37 average outside. Some snowy and icy spots on the path, but I didn’t fall!

Sunday: 10.5 @ 8:39 back on the treadmill.

total: 77.9 miles.

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